Everyone knows how it feels when their heart beats faster than normal. Should rapid heartbeats always be associated with love? Are you already in a relationship but somehow along the way forgot how to express your love? Do you want to verbalize more than just your feelings? Do you want to givee them a better keepsake?

We are offering you a large collection of images to accompany those feelings, feelings which have already been translated into words. Take a pick of any of our Cartoon Clip Arts as an accompaniment to that love letter of yours.

Free Heart Clip Art

Free Heart Clipart


Black and White Heart Clip Art

Black and White Heart Clipart


Watercolor Hearts Clip Art

Watercolor Heart Clipart

Heart Outline Clip Art

Heart Outline Clipart


Heart Shape Clip Art

Heart Shape Clipart


Show Them What You’ve Got

  • Who Won’t Fall in Love with Freebies

For starters, we’re giving away something. We are not implying that you are being frugal but this is our own way of giving a “thank you” note to everyone who has visited this website. This “Free Heart Clip Art” like all the electronic graphic arts available here are downloadable in an EPS, JPG, and PNG format.

  • Hearts Outlined

Planning for a more laid-back appeal on your clip art? Then these two minimalist themes are just for you. The “Black and White Clip Art” and the “Heart Outline Clip Art” are both without shading and the inside of the image is a stark space of white. A bit lax but still elegant, right?

  • Show Them the Shape of Your Heart

What does the shape of the heart suggest to you? Pinning down the historical origins of its symmetry can be a very tasking endeavor. Nevertheless, for everyone in the world,  this is the very symbol of affection and love. Tell me then what you can say about this “Heart Shape Clip Art?”


Looking for more clip arts that won’t make you swoon? How about you check out our Music Clip Art and Pencil Clip Arts listing.

Wedding Heart Clip Art

Wedding Heart Clipart


Heart Border Clip Art

Heart Border Clipart


Colorful Heart Clip Art

Colorful Heart Clipart

This Isn’t Just for Lovers

Who will need our Heart Clip Art compilation? Anyone who starts to sweat when they see the love of their life. Anyone whose mouth goes dry when that special someone talks to them. Kidding aside, here are our suggestions on how to use our clip arts because love and affection in this world are not just exclusively for lovers.

  • Tell Your Mom and Dad How You Feel

We owe everything to our mom and dad, for without them we wouldn’t even be here in this world. But, due to the constraints of everyday living as an adult, we often neglect their presence. Why don’t you pick an appropriate clip art for them to stick to that caring note of yours? You don’t really need to do this just on Valentine’s Day, right?

  • For Your Kin

Have you shared a lot of defining moments with your brothers and sisters? Has anyone of them gotten ill? Are you planning to reconnect with anyone of them? Have they been there for you right? From your wedding to the birth of your children. Why don’t you send them a special treat like a lovely bouquet of flowers with an attached note from any clip art of your choice?

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