Need a couple or more of heart vectors to add some pizzazz to a side project? Want to surprise someone in the virtual field with your outpourings of love, i’s dotted with hearts? Well, look no further, my lovestruck friend! We have just what you need!

Our collection of beautiful Valentine’s Day clip arts is going to be your ally. Whether you’re yearning for the heart of one beautiful lass or simply for Senpai to notice you, you’ve got a friend in these Free Clipart Images. With a variety of formats—Vector EPS, JPG, and PNG—they’re absolutely ready for you to download!

Happy Valentines Day Clip Art

Happy Valentines Day Clip Art


Animated Valentines Day Clip Art

Animated Valentines Day Clip Art


Printable Valentines Day Clip Art

Printable Valentines Day Clip Art


Seeing Hearts

As you can see in this page, our myriad of Valentine Clip Arts offers you a variety of designs to choose from. (They do say that variety is the spice of life yada, yada . . .) With these downloadable Valentine’s Day heart vectors, you don’t have to go through the hassle of starting everything from scratch!

  • Reds and Pinks

Unofficially the industry-standard color scheme, red and pink can be seen in every decor, practically on every surface and merchandise on this particular non-holiday. Woo that special someone with a little something like the “Happy Valentines Day Clip Art.” The scallops around it provide a nice touch.

  • Cupiding it Up

It wouldn’t be complete without an appearance by the hovering baby with a bow and arrow. (How did we all find this romantic? A child shouldn’t be playing around with those for Chrissakes!) Nothing says, “You got me!” more than the “Valentines Day Cupid Clip Art.”

  • Cartoon Faves

It’s always nice to see adorable cartoon characters getting into the spirit of showing love and appreciation. “Funny Valentines Day Clip Art” would be a nice way to tell your best friend how much you love them (saves you the awkwardness of actually saying it too).

Victorian Valentines Day Clip Art

Victorian Valentines Day Clip Art


Valentines Day Hearts Clip Art

Valentines Day Hearts Clip Art


Valentines Day Cupid Clip Art

Valentines Day Cupid Clip Art

Black and White Valentines Day Clip Art

Black and White Valentines Day Clip Art


Have a Heart

We know that we all have a bit of a craftsy bug inside us. You’re probably already thinking about the many ways you could use these bad boys. On that note, here are a few suggestions on how you can use these downloadable Valentine’s Day Heart Clip Arts:

  • Instant Valentines

Sometimes we just don’t have that much time to make Valentines from scratch, especially if you’re one of the more romantic ones and like planning something big (say, filling an entire room with cutout hearts). Well, these are gonna be a huge time-saver for you.

  • Scrapbooking material, decor

Since these little guys are printer friendly, once you’re done printing, you only have to cut them out and paste where you see fit: on several pages throughout your scrapbook, on a card, maybe even on your notebook or diary. You can also just have these on standby, in your crafts room perhaps, for when you need them next time.

  • DIY stationery

“Valentines Day Border Clip Art” is gonna be perfect for this. The frills are in place, so all you have to take care of is what to put in the middle.

So what are you waiting for? Download now!

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