Like your home and most other structures essentially, your school is more than just a building that houses all the classrooms (including, yes, that one where you have that trying calculus class). Your school is filled with not just dilapidated lockers and smelly bathrooms and hallowed halls, but it’s also filled with your precious memories and moments of both failure and success in every aspect imaginable. Yes, there’s absolutely more to your school than meets your once-impressionable self.

So just for fun of it, why not check out which of the 11+ cute school clip arts in this collection looks more like your own? By the way, these school Cartoon Clip Arts are available in JPG, Vector EPS, TIFF, etc. etc. formats—perfect for someone with plenty of design needs.

Free School Clip Art

Free School Clipart


School Holiday Clip Art

School Holiday Clipart


School Books Clip Art

School Books Clipart


School Clip Arts 5 Ways

As you can see in this collection of school clip arts, there is a pretty good mix of different designs and illustration styles offered to you here. (By the way, if you feel like there’s something missing here, check out these Pencil Clip Arts and Education Clip Arts.)

  • Wordy Pictures

With the likes of “Back to School Clip Art” and “School Holiday Clip Art,” you can tell your English teacher about how that whole “a picture is worth ten thousand words” thing isn’t always true. Some pictures actually need words! (Just kidding! Don’t argue with your teacher over this.)

  • Scholastic Structures

In “Free School Clip Art” and “High School Clip Art,” the word school takes on the more typical, more obvious—the primary—definition.

  • Beyond Borders

Eighty-six the usual line borders, and opt for “School Border Clip Art” instead! It gives you a few ideas for art class, doesn’t it?

  • Of Textbooks and Things

When you step foot in a school or when you’re within school grounds, what do you see? “School Books Clip Art,” “School Table Clip Art,” “Cartoon School Bus Clip Art” will definitely tell you a few things.

  • Black and White Outline

This part’s pretty self-explanatory. Just check out “Black and White School Clip Art” and “School Outline Clip Art.”

School Table Clipart

School Table Clipart


School Outline Clip Art

School Outline Clipart


Cartoon School Bus Clip Art

Cartoon School Bus Clipart


School Animated Clip Art

School Animated Clipart


School Clip Art How-To’s

With a simple casual once-over of both the subheading and the contents of this section—which, as you can see, are not mere two-bit, subpar cartoon drawings and have more than just a handful of Book Clip Arts—you may already have an idea what this is all about. And yes, these school clip arts can be used in several different ways.

  • Educational Cutouts and Decals

If you’re the really hands-on type of teacher or adviser, you’ve probably done the whole setting the ambiance for an environment that’s conducive to learning. By that, I mean you’ve probably decked your bulletin board and classroom walls with some fun adornments. And on that note, yes, you can do the same with any or all of these school clip arts!

  • Ready-Made Stationery Set

With “School Border Clip Art,” you get an insta-fancy decorative paper perfect for those fussy school projects that are more like the scrapbooking type of deal.

  • Instant Coloring Page

Simply download “Black and White School Clipart” and “School Outline Clipart,” and print it out. Don’t forget to pack your crayons though!


So that’s pretty much everything. And oh yeah, before you close that tab or window, download a couple or more of these grade-A school clip arts!

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