Are you working on a school project, say, on the history of cellular phones? Do you not have the luxury of time to draw or rifle through old magazines for pictures of the different kinds of phones that have gone down in history? Have you become fed up with the dull sepia-toned rotary phones you see elsewhere on the interwebs?

Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered with your phone-y needs and more. These Free Clipart Images come in a variety of art styles and in JPG and PNG formats for your convenience. They can be resized and customized, and they are absolutely ready for you to download!

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Ringing Phone Clipart


Office Phone Clipart


Cell Phone Clipart

iphone Clipart


Get Phone-y

In this day and age and with their numerous added features and upgrades, phones have become so integral in every single person’s life—so much so that they may as well be extensions of the human arm. But of course, we cannot discount the fact that the very essence or reason, rather, behind the invention of the phone was to connect people. And just like how there are several ways to connect people, there are also several options for you to choose from in this collection of Cartoon Cliparts. (For the lovely people in the academe, you may wanna check out these Free Cliparts for Teachers instead.)

  • Good ol’ rotary vs. holy grail smartphone

Whatever your preference may be—”Mobile Phone Clipart” or “Ringing Phone Clipart”—these two each have top-notch quality. Plus, you’d have a killer project to boot!

  • 2D vs. 3D

Both the flat and the three-dimensional phone icons have their redeeming attributes. You get the simplistic, charming cartoony of the former and the realistic, sleek one of the latter. Check out “Office Phone Clipart” and “Smartphone Clipart,” and see for yourself.

  • Miscellaneous

As sort of a fun little surprise in your output, you could throw in something comical like “Free Phone Clipart.”

Smartphone Clipart


Phone Book Clipart


Free Phone Clipart


Phone Vector Clipart

Phone-tastic Ways to Use ‘Em

With oodles of your talent and creativity and a little bit of help from this collection of the best phone clip arts, you can take on projects left and right without even breaking a sweat. But wait, don’t think that’s all there is to these clip arts! There’s tons of them, but let me list down a few:

  • School projects, PowerPoint presentations

I think your teacher would appreciate a nice little something in the bottom corner of a page to sort of take away the dullness from the extensive text. Or if it’s a PowerPoint presentation you’re working on, you could use these and add effects.

  • Scrapbooking material

If the Martha Stewart/Suzie Homemaker in you is calling on you to save a few cutouts here and there for some “craftsy stuff” you’ll “do later,” answer that call, lady! It’s as easy as downloading, printing, and cutting.

  • DIY Stickers

Taking the previous bullet up a notch, print these onto some sticker paper, and you’re golden!


So you’ve got your options and read through our suggestions. All you need to do now is to download!
(If you want to set a few boundaries, though, here are some Free Clip Art Borders for you.)

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