The adorable, good-natured corgi; the attenton-seeking, affectionate ragdoll cat; the furry, kid-friendly guinea pig… whatever your choice of critter is, I bet that we can all agree on one thing: these beings we call pets are so important that they are considered family. With family, we get to do a

With family, we get to do a lot of things togethereating, playing, goofy dancing, and TV watching. But there’s not a bonding experience like picture taking (maybe even a little Nature Photography here and there). To help you up your photo game with your beloved pooch, here are some beautiful pet photography ideas. The pictures come in a JPG format for ease of download.

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Professional Pet Photography


Pet Family Photography


Pet Studio Photography


Pet Portrait Photography


Pet Bird Photography


For the Love of Pet-ography

Evident in the number of concept pet photographs here is the variety of directions you can take with your photo ops (because it’s simply not enough to just take a couple of snaps with your phone and call it a day). Among the notable are the following:

  • Go infrared

Since you’re capturing stills with the infrared light spectrum (human eyes cannot detect infrared light), your Infrared Photography snaps are gonna offer a whole world of a difference—certain colors are gonna be more vibrant, the contrast may be greater, giving off a more “crisp” appearance. Once you take the perfect shot of your pet with your infrared-equipped film and camera, you may never wanna go back to your plain old IG stories. Check out “Underwater Pet Photography” if you want proof.

  • The light is your friend

(This is sort of an extension of the above mentioned.) Plain and simple, you need light so that your subject can be seen and, more than that, be properly featured and brought into the foreground more. The kind and amount of light also dictate the feel of the photograph. For comparison’s sake, see “Pet Holiday Photography” and “Pet Bird Photography.”

  • Set the scene

To make things a smidge more dramatic and/or playful, you can always add a few props or do the whole shebang. Maybe a mug like in “Unique Pet Photography” or perhaps a vintage chair, a rug, and some drapes like in “Pet Studio Photography.”

Pet Cat Photography


Pet Holiday Photography


Vintage Pet Photography


Unique Pet Photography


Why Pet-ography?

Now all of us, pet owners and non-pet owners alike, understand that there are several reasons for getting into pet photography.

  • Additions to portfolio or album fillers

For those who are into photography in general, you’re gonna need a variety of subjects to show prospective clients that you are versatile and that your body of work has a wide range. And then for those who seem to be stuck in the nineties with boatloads of physical photo albums, you’re gonna want pictures to fill them with.

  • Capturing the moment

Sometimes your adorable pup just can’t seem to understand the concept of a tail, and other times he manages to redecorate the living room with a delightful combo of down (from the throw pillows) and excrement. Whether your pet is being cute or infuriating, it’s always nice to take a snap or two.

  • Mementos and keepsakes

As an extension to the former, it’s good to have pictures of them on hand for when you’re away or when they have to leave you for good.


Now that the blabbing’s done, you can download in peace! (For those who prefer something more ethereal, check out Twinkle Lights Photography!)

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