The weather forecast is displayed on a number of platforms like Google weather forecast, news channels, daily newspapers, etc. These visual weather forecasts make use of weather icons in different styles and designs. These icons are available as weather icons vector as well. There are varied designs which help in formulating and projecting the exact kind of weather in any region. This article describes a list of weather channels icons with their design styles and download availability on the web.

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Weather Vector Icons

You can find creative and interesting weather icons in vector designs on the internet. Many websites like vecteezy and freepik offer these weather icons vector designs in varied colors and styles.

Free Vector Weather Icons

Weather Vector Icons Design

Sunny Weather Icons

To display the summer weather, download the sunny weather icons. The design includes a shining sun with bright rays. You can find some creatively conceived weather icons vector with a smiling sun with bright rays.

Free Sunny Weather Icons

Vector Sunny Weather Icons

Rainy Weather Icons

The rainy weather or indications of possible rains can be conveyed through rainy weather icons. The icons are designed with sleeping clouds and rain drops falling or just rain symbols.

Vector Rainy Weather Icons

Rainy Weather Icons Design

Cloudy Weather Icons

When the weather is forecasted with dark clouds, then use the cloudy weather icons. The clouds are colored in dark gray or light black colors with a pair of sleeping eyes.

Free Cloudy Weather Icons

Set of Weather Cloudy Icons

Animated Weather Icons

Particular sets of animated weather icons are available for free download. The design includes the sun, the clouds, etc. having eyes and facial features which vary according to good or bad weather.

Free Animated Weather Icons

Animated Weather Icons

Weather Desktop Icons

You can also download icons for displaying weather forecast on the desktop screen. These are mainly used by news channels that forecast the weather reports. Weather channels icons are available for free download.

Vector Weather Desktop Icons

Weather Desktop Icons

Weather Icons

You can find the weather icons in PNG style for weather display. These designs include 3-D and more elaborate icons for showing the forecast. These icons are a little bit more appealing than the other icons.

Set of Weather Icons

Pack of Weather Icons

Flat Weather Icons

The weather icons free in the flat design that is 2-dimensional display are also available. These icons include no shaded coloring or bevel for a 3-D display. They are designed with simple colors filled in the icons.

Vector EPS Flat Weather Icons

Flat Different Weather Icons

Weather Icons PSD

The PSD weather icons are another kind of flat icon designs. They are similar to 2-D icon styles with the weather forecasting figures filled with colors without any shading or 3-D effect. Vibrant colors are used to display both good and bad weather.

Collection of PSD Weather Icons

Simple Weather Icons in PSD

Free Weather Icons

All these weather icons are available in PNG, PSD, vectors and many more styles for absolutely no cost. They are obtainable on the web for free. Jpeg, as well as PDF formats, are available for free download.

Simple Free Weather Icons

Different Weather Icons

Android Weather Icons

Weather icons in android phones vary with the software level. There are different styles and effects for weather icons in KitKat, lollipop, and every other android operating system. They are upgraded in a better design in every android software.

Free Android Weather Icons

Free Andriod Weather Icons

Weather Map Icons

News channels display their weather forecast information by employing weather icons for maps. They display the information on a big screen with a map and therefore, their weather icons differ from the regular icons.

Free Weather Map Icons

Simple Weather Map Icons

Weather Icon Sets

The complete sets of weather icons free can be downloaded from the internet. They consist all the weather designs for a sunny, rainy, fall, winter, and other mixed weather icons. All the icons in a set follow the same design.

Black Weather Icons Set

Free Weather Icons Set

Weather App Icons

Many apps are available for download on the phone designs. These apps also employ certain weather icons vector for describing the weather forecast details. Every app creates a different set of icons for their distinctiveness.

Simple Weather App Icons

Free Weather App Icons

Cartoon Weather Icons

Weather forecast information is made interesting and involving through cartoon weather icons. These are similar to animated icons. The design gives body features and facial expressions to the weather instruments like the sun and clouds for a cartoonish expression.

Flat Cartoon Weather Icons

Free Cartoon Weather Icons

Bubble Weather Icons

Weather icons are designed inside bubbles as well. All the weather information specially the rainy weather are displayed in the shiny bubbles. These icons involve a creative working and featuring style.

Vector Bubble Weather Icons

Colorful Bubble Weather Icons

High-Quality Weather Icons

You can download the weather icons in high quality pictures. When you display these icons on a large screen monitor, the high – quality of the image will not let the pixels get disturbed.

Simple High-Quality Weather Icons

High-Quality Weather Icons

Weather Outline Icons

These weather icons are, as the name suggests, only the outlines of weather instruments of the sun, the clouds, etc. The design does not include any colors of effects like a bevel. It is plain and sober in style.

Simple Weather Outline Icons

PSD Weather Outline Icons

Weather Forecast Icons

In order to forecast the correct weather, use the right weather icons. For instance, there may be the possibility of a light sunny weather in the day and rains in the evening. This weather can be forecasted using the half sun and half rains weather icons.

Vector Weather Forecast Icons

Simple Weather Forecast Icons

Hand-Drawn Weather Icons

There are many weather icons that are hand drawn and can be downloaded from the web. These icons include the effect of a hand drawing and a personal touch as well.

Set of Hand-Drawn Weather Icons

Simple Set of Hand-Drawn Weather Icons

High-Resolution Weather Icons

The phone apps and digital portals for weather forecasting agencies employ high – resolution weather icons for a better interface. These icons do not lose their picture quality even if you zoom to the maximum extent.

High-Resolution Weather Icon Design

High-Resolution Weather Icons

Round Weather Icons

Some sets of weather icons vector are available in the round shape. All the shapes are designed in a circular pattern for displaying a similarity. Phone apps, as well as news channels, use these round weather icons.

Set of Round Weather Icons

Multi-Colored Round Weather Icons

Colorful Weather Icons

Weather icons often make use of a lot of colors to add more appeal. The sun, for instance, is styled in many shades of bright yellow and light orange mixed together. Similarly, the dark colors of clouds are also made in the same fashion.

Colorful Set of Weather Icons

Colorful Weather Icons Background

Weather forecasts are displayed in many forums like phone apps, websites, tv channels, etc. These platforms make use of different sets of weather icons for displaying information. The internet offers many styles for these weather icons vector for free download as jpg files. They are obtainable in styles like 2-D or flat, 3D or beveled, colorful, outline, etc.

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