Reading books and other kinds of material isn’t just to fill our memory tanks with information that we believe is only relevant in high school and can only get us so far in the future, especially when we plan on taking up a career in the artistic field. Reading isn’t just for us to be able to keep up with current events so that we can form opinions and debate with our peers (breaking friendships and forming enemies in the process).

What better way to illustrate the importance of this seemingly mundane activity other than a whole collection of 9+ elegant reading clip arts? These are more than just a group of Cartoon Clip Arts; and they come in JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, PDF, etc. formats. Stick around to check them out!

Black and White Reading Clip Art

Reading Black and White Clipart


Girl Reading Clip Art

Girl Reading Clipart


Teacher Reading Clip Art

Teacher Reading Clipart


Reading Clip Arts 5 Ways

Clearly, in this collection of reading clip arts, there is quite a wide range of reading illustrations that we have curated just for you. The designs are so different from each other that we’ve managed to whittle them down to five different categories! That’s still a great number considering the total.

  • Black and White Outline

“Black and White Reading Clip Art” is just like any other outline illustration out there. It has the edges down to give us a picture of what it’s supposed to be. Think of it like a skeleton.

  • Whimsical and Fairy Tale–Like

“Owl Reading Clip Art” fits this bill perfectly as no owl in real life can even grab a book and turn it to a specific page. More than that, the drawing style is so different and kind of magical that it deserves its own category.

  • Cute Cartoons

Pretty self-explanatory. I’ll jut leave “Teacher Reading Clip Art,” “Family Reading Clip Art,” “Buddy Reading Clip Art,” “Kids Reading Clip Art,” and “Free Reading Clip Art.”

  • Different Reading Material

Yep. “Boy Reading Clip Art” is proof that newspapers are just as important reads as textbooks.

  • On the Wordy End of the Spectrum

“Summer Reading Clip Art” relies on the word reading rather than on an illustration of the activity itself.
Pair any of these with a few Book Cliparts, and you’re golden!

Boy Reading Clip Art

Boy Reading Clipart


Buddy Reading Clip Art

Buddy Reading Clipart


Kids Reading Clip Art

Kid Reading Clipart

Free Reading Clip Art

Free Reading Clipart


Reading Clip Art How-To’s

Because this collection of reading clip arts features quite an assortment of designs, I bet you’ve already felt inspired and thought of a number ways to use these reading illustrations. But anyway, here are a few suggestions in case you haven’t:

  • Instant Coloring Page

This part is pretty straightforward. Download “Black and White Reading Clip Art,” print it out, and take out your coloring materials for a spontaneous coloring session! Within the lines, beyond the lines, it doesn’t matter. So long as you have fun, right?

  • Art Style Inspiration

If you’re like me and one good look at “Owl Reading Clip Art” made you go “ooh” and sparked a creative fire in you, then take what notes you can from it and delve into a different style.

  • Logo Design Inspiration

“Buddy Reading Clip Art” can be used for a logo design for your reading campaign ad.

  • DIY Sticker Set

With “Kids Reading Clip Art,” repeat the steps in the DIY Coloring Page category, except use sticker paper. Then you’re good!


Now that, that spiel’s over with…Now that you’ve seen all your options and you’ve read through that little list of suggestions for use, go ahead and get to the downloading bit. Or check out these Free Clip Art Borders instead!

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