Because of the “ouchies” and “boo-boos” we’ve gotten from visit’s to the doctor’s way back when we were little and the exorbitant hospital fees now, the word doctor has left quite a bitter aftertaste in people’s mouths. However, that is not to say that these incredible superhumans don’t leave us stunned with the medical mysteries they solve and the breakthroughs they discover through their research work and a slew of other things.

So what do these awe-inspiring beings look like (as Cartoon Clip Arts, anyway)? Check out the 9+ best doctor clip arts below! Also, these doctor images are available in JPG, editable and scalable EPS, etc. formats.

Free Clipart of Doctor

Free Clipart of Doctors


Funny Doctor Clipart

Funny Doctor Clipart


Doctor Clip Arts in Various Forms

As you can see in this collection of doctor clip arts, there is quite a variety here. (I mean, the five different categories below ought to mean something, right?) And just for the heck of it, see which ones look great with these Free Clip Art Borders.

  • Sans Body Parts

Okay, yes, that category label must shock you. But have a look-see at “Medical Doctor Clipart,” and you’ll find that it’s not too alarming.

  • Cute Cartoons

For this one, it’s pretty self-explanatory. There are the likes of “Free Clip Art of Doctor” and “Doctor Clip Art for Kids,” which in a way appear to be a western take on the anime style. Then there are the likes of “Funny Doctor Clip Art,” “Eye Doctor Clip Art,” “Female Doctor Clip Art,” and “Doctor Cartoon Clip Art,” which feature outrageous body proportions.

  • Black and White Outline

Just as it says in “Black and White Doctor Clip Art,” there are no other colors used here to liven up the image, which gives it its own quirky look.

  • Doctor’s Bag of Goodies

What self-respecting doctor would one be without his or her tools of the trade? See “Doctor Bag Clip Art”? This is serious stuff.

  • Aspiring Doctor

Every doctor started out with a dream, which may have looked a little something like “Printable Doctor Clip Art.”


Doctor Bag Clipart

Doctor Bag Clipart


Doctor Clipart for Kids

Doctor Clipart for Kids


Doctor Clip Art How-To’s

Given this collection of doctor clip arts offering you an array of designs, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have already come up with all sorts of ways to use each doctor illustration. (Thought anything of these Free Clip Arts for Teachers But if you haven’t yet, here are some suggestions:

  • Character Design Inspiration

So you’re working on the illustrations for a graphic novel and you’re stumped at this one character, a doctor (surprise, surprise), and you don’t know how to go about it because your author client has already rejected a lot of your ideas. Take a few notes from any of the doctor clip arts here, say, “Free Clip Art of Doctor,” and incorporate them into your next batch of possibles!

  • Drawing Practice

Use any of these doctor illustrations to get your hand loose as you practice your sketching know-how. Pro tip: you can start out by laying a sheet of tracing paper on top of a printout, say, “Female Doctor Clip Art,” and then tracing out the figure.

  • Doctor Cutouts

Any single one of these doctor clip arts can be used for a good deal of your scrapbooking and crafts stuff.

  • Instant Coloring Page

Just download “Black and White Doctor Clip Art,” print it out, and then bring out your crayons.


So since you’ve seen all your options, read through the little list of suggestions, you can go ahead and take care of the downloading part.

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