Find your classroom or bulletin board bare, dull, and (gasp) boring?

Ever look at your notebook or chemistry textbook and just think, This needs something. But WHAT exactly?

Feel like you have to sprinkle a bit more pizzazz onto your science fair display?

We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to get distracted from the drabness of everyday chemistry or physics lectures. I mean, do we really have to care about 25 being the atomic number for manganese?

Whether equally helpful in the real world or not, these awesome science clip arts may be just what you need! (They might even help you with school and get you much closer to using Graduation Cliparts soon! We’ll never know, right?)

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Science Fair Clipart


Science Clipart Png


Science Clipart Black and White


Like Bill Nye

Who hasn’t heard of Bill Nye (“Mr. Wizard” to some)? The host of popular American TV program Bill Nye the Science Guy, which originally aired back in September 10, 1993, Bill Nye experimented and explained various nuances of science. He did so in a way that got both kids and adults to appreciate and respect this area of knowledge.

With our collection of these incredible science clip arts, we hope you can have that same enthusiasm that generations of viewers had for science. Just like Bill Nye. (Maybe, maybe not.)

Take it from these Cartoon Cliparts of experiments and test tubes: you’d have to be a boron not to find them even a bit charming.

All these goggles and lab coats on kids experimenting go so well together, you’d say they have a lot of chemistry!

For you science teachers out there, you might find these Education Cliparta-OK, like oxygen (O) and potassium (K) getting together.

We can tell you now that these science clip arts are so cool that they may have to be called liquid nitrogen instead. Download them, print them out, and stick them onto your notebooks and textbooks and lesson plans; and people will think you’re as cultured in the study of science as a pathology lab!

Free Science Clipart


Animated Science Clipart


Science Experiment Clipart

Science Border Clip Art


Science Cartoon Clip Art


When EveryZinc Comes Together

You don’t have to limit yourself with these clip arts. There’s a ton of ways to use them!

  • Like we’ve mentioned earlier, you can use them as decor for every flat surface you can imagine. For example, classroom bulletin boards, table or desk, notebooks, textbooks, science fair display, etc. (Perhaps you can even add in these Pencil Cliparts as bonus elements. Why not, right?)
  • You can use them as interactive graphics for your powerpoint presentation. Just a little something like that can be helpful when you’re discussing subtopics so riveting such as knowing when to use sulfuric and sulfurous.
  • Have a science-themed event coming up? Sprinkle a few of these clip arts on your flyers, posters and event stubs, and you’ll be flourine everyone!
  • As a way to motivate your pupils, maybe establish some sort of reward system with these little guys. Download these cute clip arts, print them, cut them out, and use them as stamps or DIY stickers. Put them on the test papers of the perfect-scoring or the highest-scoring students.No matter how the beaker heats up, you can’t ever go wrong with these totally lit-hium science clip arts!

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