School projects and written reports “liven-uppers”…Printables, cutouts, scrapbooking décor…Vectors…Whatever kind, whatever form, we all need them at some point in our lives (primarily for school since you know how those are with requirements and whatever else). All those tasks get a little tedious after quite a while that we sometimes call for a little heaven-sent intervention.

Maybe you’ll find your saving grace in this collection of 9+ beautiful angel clip arts (and perhaps a handful of these Cartoon Cliparts as well)! You’re never gonna want to look elsewhere for those angelic design needs. hese angel images are available in SVG, GIF, JPG, PNG, etc. formats. Stay right here and wait a minute for your heavenly rescue.

Angel Wings Clipart


Free Angel Clipart


Guardian Angel Clipart


Angel Clip Arts 6 Ways

As you can see in this collection of angel clip arts, there is quite an array of designs you can choose from. These angelic Free Clipart Images come with the following distinct looks:

  • What with Wings

I don’t know about you, but for so long a time, I’ve thought of angels as nothing more than winged humans. So what then would they be without their wings, yes? Strike up a conversation with “Angel Wings Clipart,” and watch people get introspective.

  • Trumpets Blaring

With a little something like “Free Angel Clipart,” you can create a scene of an army of angels announcing the coming of the Lord with this choice instrument.

  • Adorable Cherub

I may be wrong, but I’ve deduced cherubs as simply baby angels. You get that in “Baby Angel Clipart” (of course), “Cartoon Angel Clipart,” and “Boy Angel Clipart.”

  • Angel Outline

In “Black and White Angel Clipart,” you get the simple outline variation of the one featured under Trumpets Blaring.

  • Hark! the Herald

Both “Guardian Angel Clipart” and “Animated Angel Clipart” depict angels as beings that serve a divine purpose: to share with people God’s message.

  • Angels Abound

With “Angel Border Clipart,” you can literally say that angels are around us.

Animated Angel Clipart


Cartoon Angel Clipart


Angel Border Clipart


How-To’s with These Angel Clip Arts

Now let’s get to the fun part: application. With the variety in this collection of angel clip arts, it’s pretty telling of it being curated to befit various purposes.

  • Logo Design Inspiration

With “Angel Wings Clipart,” you can get away with using it as inspiration for practically any company logo. Whatever the case, you can say that the product is “so good that you think you’ve died and gone to heaven.” With something like “Guardian Angel Clipart,” however, you can come up with a logo design for a Christian fellowship or congregation of sorts.

  • Heavenly Cutouts

Because you just can’t have too many scrapbooking stuff, add a few angels into the mix! Personal favorites are “Free Angel Clipart” and “Boy Angel Clipart.”

  • Instant Coloring Page

Print out “Black and White Angel Clipart” on any size of paper you like, and then bring out the crayons and pastels. Then the rest will follow.

  • Art Inspiration

“Christmas Angel Clipart” seems to be very reminiscent of the art style of some old well-loved cartoons. You can use it as inspiration for cover or book art illustrations.

  • Ready-made stationery

Get a little bit of “Angel Border Clipart” and a little bit of Free Clip Art Borders, you have yourself a stationery set ready to be filled with your thoughts.


Now that the heavenly message has been delivered, you may go forth and download!

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