Say you’re working on an illustration project for one of your clients: a collection of decals for every occasion, every purpose that’ll come to mind. All your other designs have been given the okay, save for your cake graphic designs. For some reason, you’re a bit out of touch with this subject matter, and you simply don’t know where or how to start.

Well, maybe with this collection of 9+ amazing cake clip arts (which work perfectly well with these Birthday Clip Arts, by the way), you just may find the cake illustrations you need to get that creativity flowing! These cake graphics are available in JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc. formats, so stay awhile to see which ones will suit your needs.

Black and White Cake Clip Art

Cake Black and White Clipart


Cupcake Clip Art

Cupcake Clipart


Cake Clip Arts 6 Ways

You can definitely tell (I mean, it is pretty obvious in this collection of cake clip arts) that we have curated—made available for you—a wide range of designs. A simple glimpse into this collection of cake images will tell you that it does not begin and end with Cartoon Clip Arts. We have six categories here, so there’s definitely something for you.

  • Cool 3D Cakes

“Birthday Cake Clip Art” and “Cake Slice Clip Art” really can get you second-guessing about whether or not the featured baked goods are the real thing.

  • Black and White Outline

Just as the label says, “Black and White Cake Clip Art” only make use of the two hues. Not much more has to be said here.

  • Realistic Cakey Goodness

Speaking of cakes that may be as good as the real thing, in this collection, you have “Chocolate Cake Clip Art” and “Beautiful Cake Clip Art.”

  • Flat Icons

Though lacking in the (volume? robustness?) which the 3D and realistic ones have got covered, “Cupcake Clip Art,” “Cake Clip Art without Candles,” and “Animated Cake Clipart” still manage to hold their own.

  • ‘Tis the Season

I’ll just leave “Christmas Cake Clipart” here. Pretty self-explanatory, yes?

  • Disney-fied

As you can see in “Cartoon Cake Clipart,” all you need is a bit of mouseketeer power to really bring everything together.

Cake Clipart without Candles

Cake Clipart without Candles


Beautiful Cake Clipart

Free Cake Clipart


Christmas Cake Clipart

Christmas Cake Clipart


Cake Clip Art How-To’s

Given that this collection of cake clip arts features a stellar range of designs, I wouldn’t be surprised if several people can be inspired to think of all sorts of ways to use them. (Imagine how much craftier they can get with these Food Clip Arts as well!) But just in case you haven’t yet, here are some suggestions:

  • Cake Cutouts and Decals

Because you really can’t ever have “too many” cutouts to add to your pile of scrapbooking material and all-around décor, why not just add something sweet to the pile? As for something like “Beautiful Cake Clip Art,” you can use it as a wall decal for a cake shop. Y’know, if you’re planning to get into that sort of business.

  • Instant Coloring Page

A simple download and print action of “Black and White Cake Clip Art” and a few crayons are all you need for a little coloring session.

  • Cake Design Inspiration

If you’ve been around the cake decorating block for a while, you’re bound to have a few dry creative spells here and there. Use any one of these as inspiration for your next sweet masterpiece.

  • Ready-made Cover Art

What better way to say, “Merry Christmas!” other than a card with Santa Claus and a cake? Nothing, that’s what.


So…download before you go.

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