Infographics are effective tools in when it comes to design, creative inspiration and educational purposes. We can grasp on the different design trends present on these mediums and readers can easily instill on any information with their chosen infographic. The latter has come a long way from just a summarized chart of data and information. Now, it incorporates interactive design and reader-centric layout and composition of graphical and text elements.

Below are our samples of websites that present infographics regarding LGBTQ topics and extends to different subjects be it medical, design, history and so on that will be used as references and creative inspiration for your design projects. You may also go through our list of animated presentation designs which features infographics and presentation templates.

Density Design

First on our list is this interactive infographic from Density Design. It focuses on dignity and the human rights within the LGBTQ community. It talks about marriages, expenses, and discrimination that is faced on a daily basis by LGBTQ individuals. The interactive elements, such as hovering on text and movement on the graphical elements once the user scrolls down the page, is effective on information imprint and attention grabbing.


Orlando Massacre Visual Storytelling


This visual infographic translates the infamous Orlando mass shooting with minimal use of text and images to portray the dastardly situation. Most of the images are from the point of view of the gunman. Portraits and scenes of the locale sum the visual graphic art.

History of LGBTQ – Videographic


Be informed about the LGBTQ’s herstory of their origins and issues faced within the community with this videographic. The concept of this video infographic starts with a timeline stating historical information,  psychological facts, and universal human rights.


On Bullying the LGBTQ Youth


This is a detailed summary of the impact of bullying towards the LGBTQ youth. The layout is simple and divides the information into two sections to equally distribute the data and information. The color scheme is well contrasted by the dominant use of the regal violet to suggest an authoritative presence and heavyweight message communication.

Gay Pride Infographic


This interesting infographic incorporates the vital pieces of information regarding gay pride with statistics. It also shows the emergence of gay pride during the second half of the 20th century. It informs the readers on the conceiving of LGBTQ symbols and the international celebrations as well.

Fenway Focus

Transgender Youth Infographic


This infographic is in commemoration of Transgender Awareness week and is designed to educate the readers and audience regarding the transgender community and its youth.The layout of this infographic uses columns and in each are divided into slots for the different data and information. The color scheme uses a tetradic color combination.


Transgender Visibility Infographic


One of the empowering activities done by the LGBTQ community is representation and visibility in media, entertainment, sports, and politics. This infographic relays the transgender visibility all through the years. Even though it has been summarized, it does highlight the achievements as well as losses the LGBTQ community faced.


The Cost of Same-Sex Marriage Bans


This infographic is the theme of the expenses of same-sex marriage bans. It uses shades of the primary colors set in a neutral background and the design elements are done in light design styles.

As commonplace as it sounds, it is really important to know your roots and in this case, the sacrifices and accomplishments that the previous generation endured to pave the way for the rights of the LGBTQ community.

Get educated about the struggle and snuggle of equality rights of the LGBTQ community all throughout these decades. This infographic incorporates realistic design elements into a skeuomorphic style and it is combined with flat design.

Find time to go through these websites and infographics since they are helpful tools for design projects for every individual out there. You may also take inspiration and use these infographic designs  for templates, PowerPoint presentations, resumes, educational purposes, web designs, business and so on.

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