World Body Painting Festival is one of the most famous festivals for the artists who excel in body painting art. As much as it looks fantastic, creating the 3d effect on the body parts needs patience and too much of practice to reach perfection. To start with, there are a number of free designs available to download which you as an artist can add to your catalogue. While it might look incredibly messy for some, 3d body painting is also much time consuming.

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Min Blowing Body Painting by Suchet Suwanmongkol


by Guido Daniele

Excellent Body Painting

excellent body painting art


Creative Body Painting Art

creative body painting art


Amazing Body Painting Art

body painting art work


Best 3D Body Painting



Spend your time

There are many hyper-realistic body art designs. Rather than relying on programs like Photoshop, many artists started creating eye-catching illusions keeping in mind the day to day real life images. For those who feel a close connection with animal brethren also opts for painting figurative representation of the animals or birds. Organic animal forms seem to match pretty well with human body. Masterful illusions can be created with the elegant curves and arches of the human body. The right shades of colour also add to its appeal.

Awesome Body Painting

awesome body paintings


3D Bird Hand Painting Illusion


by Guido Daniele

 Amazing 3D Silver Body Painting Art



Beautiful Woman Body Painting

beautiful woman body painting


The earliest form of art

The application of colour for body decoration has been an age old practice. Modification of suggestive forms to create images is done with the range of all colours which falls between neon colours to metallic colours. Most of the time these body paint colours are highly pigmented and do not require any special preparation to the skin. Latex is also commonly used to add to the live effect of the body art. Adhesives, removers, varying size of brushes etc. are the other common tools that a body-paint artist needs.

Inspirational Body Painting

3d body painting


Hyper Realistic Body painting


by hikarucho

Awesome Spider Man Body Painting



Realistic Body Painting

realistic body-painting-by-chooo-san

by Chooo San

Excellent Body Painting Art Work

excellent body painting art work

by Guido Daniele

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