The majesty of a lion is unparalleled. It evokes a sense of fear and obedience. The symbol of a lion is also used to depict qualities like pride and leadership. The images below are mostly done in pencil, which brings out the beauty of the feral cats quite dramatically. These sketches increase the appeal of your design by a few hundred times.

Lion Love Drawing

Lion Love DrawingSource

This picture titled lion love drawing beautifully depicts the love between a lion and a lioness. The picture is very sweet and evokes a relaxed and harmonized feeling. In this picture, a lion is seen pecking on the cheeks of a lioness.

Lions in love Drawing For Free

Lions in love Drawing For FreeSource

The lion in love drawing is another romantic picture where the heads of both the lion and lioness are tilted downwards and the lion seems to be pecking the lioness on the head.

A Lion Mother with her Young Drawing

A Lion Mother with her Young DrawingSource

This picture of a lion mother with her young one is perhaps one of the most beautiful images available in this lot.  A young lion cub is shown resting peacefully on its mother’s lap, while the mother is shown keeping an eye out for any imminent danger.

Amazing Lion Drawing For You

Amazing Lion Drawing For YouSource

This drawing of an amazing lion drawing depicts a single lion. The highlight of this picture is the artistically crafted mane that is seen cascading down from both sides of the lion’s face.

Fantastic Lion Drawing For Free

Fantastic Lion Drawing For FreeSource

This is another portrait drawing of a lion where one side of the face is shown. In this picture, the fantastic lion drawing seems to be a bit older than its previous counterparts.

Roaring Lion Drawing

Roaring Lion DrawingSource

This pencil sketch of a roaring lion drawing depicts a lion in all its glory.  The lion in this picture is drawn with its mouth wide open. The detailed depiction of the tongue and teeth inside his mouth portion is worth mentioning.

Resting Lion Drawing

Resting Lion DrawingSource

The resting lion drawing is more of a realistic depiction of a lion in his natural habitat. The image shows the full frontal portion of the lion’s body on the backdrop of savanna grassland.

The Lion Cub Drawing

The Lion Cub DrawingSource

This picture of a lion cub drawing is the cutest in this series. It depicts a months-old cub drinking milk from a feeling bottle. The matching frames and the innocence of the cub make this sketch really swoon worthy.

The Lion King Drawing

The Lion King DrawingSource

This picture of a lion king drawing depicts a curiosity in the face of the mighty animal. The look is a mixture of disgust and curiosity. The facial expression is the main USP of the image which makes it stand out.

Amazing Lion Pencil Drawing

This sample of amazing lion pencil drawing depicts another angry avatar of the lion. The drawing is very life-like. Great emphasis is laid on the careful depiction of every fold and curve in the lion’s face which makes it surreal.

Realistic Lion Drawing For You

Realistic Lion Drawing For YouSource

This realistic lion drawing is done on a white background. The image portrays a lion sitting carelessly on the ground.  The drawing shows the entire figure of the animal which adds an even more realistic feel to the image.

African Lion Drawing For Free

African Lion Drawing For FreeSource

This African lion drawing is done on a sepia background. The eyes of the lion get special emphasis in this picture and they seem to be lit-up on viewing something interesting. The image only depicts the facial part of the lion with special emphasis on the features.

Detailed Lion Sketch

Detailed Lion SketchSource

This detailed lion sketch, unlike the other sketches, is not close to reality. In fact, it is a good replica of the lion seen in Disney cartoons. The sketch lays great emphasis on portraying each and every detail of the lion’s face.

Fabulous Lion Drawing

Fabulous Lion DrawingSource

This is another fabulous lion drawing which has very close resemblance to the real animal. The lion’s face represents sadness or worry in a very subtle manner which makes the picture look even more beautiful.

Magnificent Lion Drawing

Magnificent Lion DrawingSource

This magnificent lion drawing is the only drawing in this series where any kind of shading is absent. The lion is shown in a walking posture in all its glory.

Lion’s Mane Drawing For You

Lion's Mane Drawing For YouSource

Beautiful Lion Drawing

Beautiful Lion DrawingSource

These images of a lion in different styles depict the different moods of the king of the jungle.  All the above examples can be used for website designing or as wallpapers for a desktop PC or any other smartphone.

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