Do you need to brush up on your sketching abilities? Or perhaps you want a change of pace and you’re looking into beginning your foray into the world of art via Flower Drawing, realistic drawings—all kinds of drawings actually.

Well, with this collection of 9+ beautiful leaf drawings, you may have your perfect guide for that endeavor. These leaf sketches are not just a bunch of doodles as some of you may think. This collection of leaf drawings offers a range of designs and features a couple of notable art styles. They are also available for JPG download. Browse away to get your fill!

Fall Leaf Drawing


Colorful Leaf Drawing


Leaf Line Drawing


Different Leaves in Leaf Drawings

Though they don’t offer much in the way of subject matter (I mean, duh, they’re leaf drawings, like the title says), these leaf sketches are not just a handful of doodles and random scribbles. Like these Tree Drawings, they also still offer quite a variety of options for you to choose from; they come in different styles and are illustrated from different perspectives.

  • Colorful portrayals

A good way to grab anyone’s attention is through the artful blending, mixing, and matching of different colors. This bears repeating, guys. Artful blending, not just deciding to put blue and orange together and be done with it. You can see how the artist cleverly used browns, oranges, and hints of yellow (fall colors) to produce “Fall Leaf Drawing.” Then there are a couple NSFC or not safe for children (yes, I made that up) ones featuring the controversial cannabis leaf in “Colorful Leaf Drawing” and “Weed Leaf Drawing.”

  • Simple outlines

Of course, how can you go wrong with a good old outline? Take some pointers from “Leaf Line Drawing” and “Fallen Leaf Drawing,” and you’re good to go!

  • As good as the real thing

For this part, I’m simply gonna enumerate the ones that fall into this category because not many words need to be said here anyway. You have “Leaf Pencil Drawing,” “Maple Leaf Drawing,” “Oak Leaf Drawing,” “Realistic Leaf Drawing,” and “Dry Leaf Drawing.”

Weed Leaf Drawing


How-To’s with These Leaf Drawings

While you may find some of these simply as Cute Drawings, you can’t deny that there is quite a slew of impressive ones as well. And before you dismiss them all at once, you might wanna read on as to how you can use this collection of leaf drawings.

  • Art inspiration

Observe how the artist left some spaces in “Realistic Leaf Drawing” to mimic the light hitting different areas on the leaves. Note how the artist of “Colorful Leaf Drawing” used several colors with the same punch to create this psychedelic look and feel (perhaps this is a representation of how the world looks after taking a hit of the leaf featured here).

  • Drawing practice

You may use these leaf sketches to get you started with freehand drawing, for that fluidity in the hand. Just lay a sheet of tracing paper on top of any of these leaf images, and trace away!

  • Design inspiration

Whether you need inspiration for a new dress design or an ideal color palette for a room you’re dressing up, you may find that in the vibrant autumn tones prevalent in this collection of leaf drawings.


Download or not, know that you won’t regret going with the former. So go ahead and check out those links!

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