When you’re an artist, you’re no stranger to those times when you find yourself at an artistic standstill. There are moments when it’s extremely difficult to get out of it and others when you may not even know how to get past it. Way back in the day, it’s been known that the perfect antidote to such a creative slump is inspiration; and like every artist knows, inspiration can be found anywhere.

Perhaps you, dear reader, can find that inspiration here, in this collection of 10+ beautiful sketch drawings. Go over the selection of 3D Pencil Drawings here, and see how the wide array of art styles and subject matter. They are also available in JPG and PDF formats!

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Pencil Sketch Drawing


Lion Sketch Drawing


House Sketch Drawing


Anime Sketch Drawing


Dragon Sketch Drawing


Flower Sketch Drawing


All Kinds of Sketch Drawings

Don’t go knocking these Pencil Drawings and clicking on that x just yet! You’ve yet to see what these sketch drawings have to offer, and you may even be pleasantly surprised with a few of them.

  • Realistic illustrations

A casual glance at either “Flower Sketch Drawing” or “Rose Sketch Drawing” might have you doing a double take as they look to be quite as close to the originals as they can get. In both sketches, each artist really took time with the shading to give the blooms more depth and dimension. As for “Pencil Sketch Drawing” and “Lion Sketch Drawing,” they come as close seconds; however, their more defined outlines give the illustrations a more flat appearance.

  • Landscapes

“Nature Sketch Drawing” and “Waterfall Sketch Drawing” both fall into the realistic category, but considering the chosen subject matter and perhaps the execution as well, I figured they deserved a separate one. The artist for each sketch also paid attention to the shading and the different textures of the water, the leaves, the tree trunk, etc.

  • Clean sketches

Then there are ones that somehow made the subject matter still “jump out” of the page even without the artful, purposeful shading. These “clean sketches” are seen in the likes of “House Sketch Drawing” and “Anime Sketch Drawing.”

Love Sketch Drawing


Nature Sketch Drawing


Wolf Sketch Drawing


Waterfall Sketch Drawing


Sketch Drawings for Art Inspiration

Now for the fun part: application. To make this collection of 10+ beautiful sketch drawings work for you, you’re gonna have to learn what you can from it.

  • Play up the lines

Lines aren’t just for providing borders and defining certain shapes. As you can see in “Anime Sketch Drawing” and in several other sketches as well, lines can be used in unconventional shading. They can also be used to give texture, such as the mimicking of hair strokes in “Love Sketch Drawing” and in “Wolf Sketch Drawing.”

  • Experiment with shading

Take it from “Rose Sketch Drawing,” and don’t be afraid to get a little messy. Apply considerable amount of pressure with your 3B graphite pencil where it’s needed. Perhaps try a different medium, say, a ballpoint pen; and after getting heavy handed with the shading, “wash it out” with your trusty old paintbrush and some tap water for a soft, blurry finish.

  • Don’t be too focused on perfection

As you can see in “House Sketch Drawing,” the artist wasn’t too keen on perfect, stick-straight lines. And this works out as the illustration has more character, movement, and life.


So now that you’re aware of your options, go ahead and check out the links yourself. Or go through these Bird Drawings for more inspiration!

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