Sometimes we find ourselves in a creative rut, one that is not exactly easy to get out of and one that we have no idea how to get past. Most of the times (if not all the time), the perfect antidote to such an artistic slump is inspiration; and like every artist knows, inspiration can be found everywhere.

Perhaps you, dear reader, can find it here, in this wonderful collection of beautiful black and white drawings. Pore over the selection of Pencil Drawings here, and see how they cover a wide range of art styles and subject matter. They come in JPG and PDF formats, perfect for download!

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Black and White Abstract Drawing


Black and White Drawing of Nature


Black and White Drawing of Eyes


Black and White Line Drawing


Different Styles, Same Medium

When you choose to work with a single kind of medium, you’re undoubtedly going to be faced with a few pros and cons—the primary pro being less pressure and more control on the part of you, the artist; and the primary con being having to work around the limitations of your chosen medium (this is especially true when you try to go for realistic representations). Which is why the black and white sketches you see here are truly special.

Unlike our collection of Funny Drawings, there is certainly nothing to laugh or scoff at in this collection of beautiful black and white drawings. You can also clearly see the range of art styles, technique, execution, and chosen subject matter in these images.

  • Realistic representation

Note the extent of shading and the control the artists exhibit in “Black and White Drawing of Eyes” to mimic light and provide depth and dimension to the illustrations.

  • Bold vs. Fine, Heavy-handed vs. Light-handed

Go with a light hand to give off a softer, more subtle appearance like in “Flowers Black and White Drawing” and a heavy hand to make certain objects seem more opaque and dark like the pine trees in “Black and White Landscape Drawing.”

  • Distortion and symbolism

Sketching certain objects with more unconventional shapes and lines presents viewers a different perspective, as shown in “Black and White Drawing of Nature.”

Black and White Tree Drawing


Black and White Wolf Drawing


Not Just a Handful of Drawings

Some of you may find these sketches as just a couple of Cute Drawings. And that’s okay. “Cute drawings” still manage to find their place in this world. So to get you started off, here’s how you can use any—or all—of these beautiful black and white drawings:

  • Art inspiration

Like I said in the intro, you, the artist, can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Don’t discount these sketches and immediately dismiss them. Check out the links, download a few, and study the pictures. Pretty soon, you might be on your way to your next masterpiece!

  • All-around décor

If you want a little something in your room or on your mantelpiece, put a good-quality copy of “Black and White Abstract Drawing” in a white frame, and you’re good to go!

  • Display pic replacement

Maybe you’re one of those who haven’t changed their desktop background, profile picture, or cover photo in a long while. A little number like the “Black and White Tree Drawing” could be perfect for you!


So again . . . check out the links and download!

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