Much like people (and, well, a lot of other things), type has personality and character. Each font has a certain appeal and, thus, comes off a certain way. Those of the more calligraphic variety—the pretty ones with all the swirls and loops and curved lines—generally make me think of effortless and perfectly restrained creativity. Those under the block letters category make me think of enthusiasm, energy, and larger-than-life personalities. Which is, perhaps, why they are very fitting in the collegiate realm.

To sort of back that statement up, here we have this collection of the 9+ best college fonts! These Free Fonts come in TTF and OTF formats and may be free for personal use, free for commercial use, or licensed for personal and commercial use.

Free College Font

Free College Font Download

College Bold Font

College Bold Font Download

Universal College Font

Universal College Font Download

College Heavy Outline Font

College Heavy Outline Font Download

College Alphabet Font

College Alphabet Font Download

College Fonts 4 Ways

Going off to college typically means a whole different kind of independence, which explains why most, if not all, students attending are of insanely high spirits. And the typeface that perfectly projects that level of energy can only be the bold, imposing, loud college and Varsity Fonts. In this collection, you can see a lot of variations of them, such as:

  • Bold and Outlined – As if the all capitals and and boldface setting wasn’t enough, “Free College Font,” “Universal College Font,” “College Heavy Outline Font,” and “Collegiate Normal Font,” go the extra mile and extra emphasis by outlining each block letter.
  • Basic Block – On the other hand, “College Bold Font,” “College Alphabet Font,” “College Block Font,” and “College Black Font,” are your typical college fonts—the staples, if you will.
  • Rounded Edges – In “College Athletico Grunge Font,” you get a kind of spin-off of the previous college font. You still have the signature boldness/weight, but instead of the blunt and sharp corners, you have their smoother and more rounded versions.
  • Calculator Font – “College Number Font” is a specialty college font. Since the typeface looks like something you see on a calculator, this would look good on math department bulletins and displays.

College Block Font

College Block Font Download

Collegiate Normal Font

Collegiate Normal Font Download

College Black Font

College Black Font Download

College Athletico Grunge Font

College Athletico Grunge Font Download

College Number Font

College Number Font Download

How-To’s with These College Fonts

With the decently varied selection of college fonts you have here, you can definitely have some fun with them (maybe even more fun with these Royal Fonts). And perhaps because of that, you can think up all sorts of ways to use each one. Just for the heck of it, here are our own suggestions:

  • Collegiate Posters and Things – To make those flyers, posters, banners, signs, etc. (made for whatever cause or event) pop and grab the student body’s and the faculty’s and the other stakeholders’ attention, you may want to check this collection of college fonts out! You want potential rushers to drop by your booth during rush week, students and professors to participate in the annual blood drive? These college fonts are gonna help you with your design needs!
  • Graphic Design – You as a graphic designer may sometimes have a stack of projects to finish or need to update and add to your portfolio to get those clients in. It’s good to have a whole slew of fonts and typefaces on hand in case you’d need to get something done in a jiffy.
  • DIY Font Stencils – You simple have to download any or all of these college fonts, print them onto your choice paper, then cutout the letter parts. Then you have your own college font stencil!

So now that, that spiel’s over, how ’bout you get to downloading?

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