One of the major fonts gaining immense recognition today is the handwriting font. They appear as if the message has been written by hand in a neat and stylish font. Many forms of handwriting fonts are available for various purposes. They can be used in certificates, cards, banners, posters, etc. Free handwriting fonts can be downloaded from the web and the content can be easily written in the required font. These Free Fonts are stylish as well as elegant in appearance. Here is a collection of some of the best free handwriting fonts.

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Free Cursive Eutemia I Handwriting Font

This free handwriting font is considered to be a royal handwriting. The design is informal, multi-linear, cursive display. It can be used for headings in certificates. This font is a very fancy type. You may also see Star Fonts.

Free Giotto Handwriting Font

It is a font meant for personal use because of its thin word design. It is not necessarily cursive but a bit italic in the display. This free handwriting font is available at many sites. It has a messy finish to its alphabets. You may also see Aquiline Fonts.

Free Script Quigley Handwriting Font

It is a vintage font with the bold display. It is one of the most popular free handwriting fonts. It looks similar to the Bailey font but has its own distinctiveness. It is a calligraphic handwriting and can be used for both formal and casual purposes.


Free Vintage Handwriting Medium Font

This font has an appeal of the olden days in it. Its letters are curved and neatly finished. This font is used for formal occasions like a certificate of achievement. This can be downloaded as free fonts for Windows. Some vintage handwriting fonts are in italics while some are normal.

Free Girly Melanie Handwriting Font

This font has very thin alphabets with a loopy finishing. It is available in lower case only. As the name suggests, this font can be used for cards for girls and other informal purposes. It has a cute, curvy design.

Free Blessed Day Handwriting Font

For using a decorated font in your invitations, brochures, and posters, you can avail this free handwriting font. Since it has a calligraphic look, it is elegant in its display. It is more of an informal font with decorative, cursive design.

Free Quirky Messy Handwriting Font

This font is wholly for informal uses. The alphabets are quirky and shaky on the display. It is thin and muddled in appearance. It is among the casual free handwriting fonts.

Free Old Sweetly Broken Handwriting Font

This font depicts the informal handwriting of olden times. It is the complete opposite of calligraphy. The letters are round with no sharp finishes. It is bold in display useful for casual functions. It is included in the category of best handwriting fonts.

Free Billy Argel Handwriting Font

With largely designed alphabets, the fancy handwriting font is one of the best calligraphic free handwriting fonts. It is written in strokes with sharp finishes to the letters. Formal uses of this font include certificates, company cards, newspaper ads etc.

Free Bold Handwriting Font

This font ventures as a bold rounded lettering type. It is a bit unattractive in appearance because all the alphabets are circular with no straight design. This font ideally shows the bold marker handwriting font.

Free Onciale Calligraphy Handwriting Font

A font from the medieval ages, the Onciale is a sister font to calligraphy written in a similar design. The letters are stroked. It is written with a combination of thin and thick lines. It is also amongst the informal free handwriting fonts.

Free Grunge Handwriting Font

This font is a smoky kind of handwriting in informal design. It consists of spray-painted alphabets which are not smooth in finishing. It was created by ScanFont 5. It has blunt and unclear letters.

Free Old English Durwent Handwriting Font

Used in the English manuscripts of ancient times as one of the most beautiful handwriting fonts, the Old English Durwent Font is a calligraphic handwriting. It is used for special formal occasions. It is written in the universities’ degrees and certificates of merit. With the sharp and neat finish, it is one of the finest formal free handwriting fonts.

Free Jam Script Signature Handwriting Font

It is a cursive font used for virtual signatures. This font is a formal handwriting font with running alphabets and neat appearance. It has stroked letters. But it is not a category of the calligraphic fonts. This free handwriting font is majorly used for signatures.

Free Lemon Tuesday Handwriting Font

Lemon Tuesday is the most popular free handwriting fonts for holiday cards and posters. It is an informal font with stroked letters and has a shaky finish to it. It follows no particular alignment and the letters go up and down according to their shape. It is one of the most beautiful handwriting fonts.

Free Riesling Handwriting Font


Free Moon Flower Handwriting Font


Always In my Heart Handwriting Font


How to use these “Free Handwriting Fonts”?

How to use these free handwriting fonts? You might face the need to use a different sort of font which is not very artificial in appearance. Handwriting fonts are the best way to go. There are many formal as well as informal free handwriting fonts available on the web which can be used for your work. They are really easy to use. Websites like 1001 Fonts and DaFont offer you the option to type your text in a box and then save the image of the text in some of the best handwriting fonts. Several other websites give you the option to download the entire font absolutely free. Then install it on your device and use it with the word. This way, you can easily make use of these free fonts for Windows in your daily lives.

Handwriting fonts can help you enhance your work without giving the impression of using an imitation font. Best handwriting fonts are available on the web for absolutely no cost at all. It is highly beneficial to download free fonts for windows and use them for your formal and informal occasions. You may also see Varsity Fonts.

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