Fonts are important key components of a content, be it on the web or printable surfaces. It is as important as the details and information your material contains. There maybe a lot of offers popping out in the internet but it’s sometimes hard to find one that’s reliable and/or of good quality. But, you can avoid that stress from now on, for we are going to unfold our list of modern best fonts which you can use on any project you desire.

These editable and printable files are available in Free TTF and OTF Format. These types of formats will allow you to edit it on any software or digital program you are using, but if you feel the need to test it first, you can always check and give our Free Fonts listing a try first.

Cool Cursive Font


Simple Script Font


Best Tattoo Font


Best Sans Serif Font


Best Free Font


Bread and Butter

  • Artsy Daisy

If you already have an ideal quality of letter style in your head, say, something classy and creative at the same time, then perhaps you’d consider the “Cool Cursive Font” for that specific requirement.

  • Bold and Clear

Bold Script is the best font to choose for a subheading. It is both elegant and readable–use the “Simple Script Font” for that special need.

  • Tattoo Font

Fonts are not only intended for digital scripts, you can use it as a tattoo font as well–refer to the “Best Tattoo Font” to apply that elegant font for your skin art.

  • Clear Type 

If its readability you’re looking for, then “Best Sans Serif Font” can surely serve you well. It’s self-explanatory if you take a look at it.

  • Freebie

The “Best Free Font” is a good option to choose if you want to try it out first before investing for a couple more.


If you’re screaming for more of fonts, you can always check our Stylish Fonts listing.

Best Calligraphy Font


Cute Wedding Font


Best Handwritten Photoshop Font


Elegant Bold Font


Best Handwriting Font


Promoting Clarity and Readability 

For sure you’ve already understood the key components for putting up good content on the web as well as reading material. Here are some common uses for these fonts, if you want to consider them. 

  • Special Occasions

Reading materials such as invitation cards or greeting cards are very important. For invitation cards, all the details or info has to be complete and readable, which is why, if you have noticed, celebrants or event coordinators pay a lot of attention to it. For greeting cards, clarity and the appropriate font style are important as it can carry the mood and tone of the message as well.

  • Web Design Layout

If by chance you’re working on a side project for a company website, it is highly important to choose the right font for readability and attractiveness. It has to be eye catchy to sustain the reader’s attention. Everything is based on visual efficacy nowadays, so it is important to bear in mind even the smallest details for it can contribute a great impact. In addition, do check out our Free Vintage Font listening as well to see more options.


So that’s that. Have you found a font that will suit the design you have in mind? If so, don’t forget to download them while you’re still on this page. 

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