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Cocogoose font is a variant of Coco Gothic and its name was conceived from the the fashion icon, Coco Chanel. Its design is made softer with slightly rounded corners, displaying a contemporary exterior. The Cocogoose font also displays a geometric design with an extra bold weight that suggests fluidity with its rounded corners.

Character Set of Cocogoose Font
Cocogoose Font

Cocogoose Character Set on

As mentioned above, Cocogoose is a variant of the Coco Gothic Font and it differs greatly from with its x-height. Cocogoose has a taller x-height which means the lowercase characters are bigger compared to the uppercase ones.

This design makes the Cocogoose font legible even at small sizes. This makes the font great for outdoor advertising and typesetting long texts. The Cocogoose font also features three variant decorative weights: inline, outlined, and letterpress.

Design Style of Cocogoose Font
Cocogoose Font

Design Style of Cocogoose Font on

Geometrical Beauty In Different Variants

Cocogoose Inline Variant
Cocogoose Inline Variant

Cocogoose Outlined Variant
Cocogoose Outline Variant

Rounded Corners Never Looked So Good

Yes, it does look good but how does one use the Cocogoose font at hand? To help you get by, we suggest a couple of things you can use Cocogoose font around, including:

Branding. With its bold, soft, and beautiful exterior and not to mention readability, the Cocogoose font is a perfect choice to use as a primary or if you may, a secondary font in your branding, more specifically in your brand logo.

Cocogoose would be perfect to utilize as a logo, whether as a symbol or wordmark. For example, the Philippine brand Untitled Co. specializes in crafting merchandise for their collaborations and local bands. The brand uses the Cocogoose font as their primary font to create a bold statement to their brand name and story.

Logo from Untitled Co. 

Graphic design. You may use the Cocogoose font in experimenting with your design projects. If you are to tweak the Cocogoose Font, you can use Adobe Illustrator as well as Photoshop for your convenience.

For Illustrator:

  • Illustrator offers a pen tool that you can easily use to trace the Cocogoose font itself and adjust it accordingly.
  • If you want a picture to be formed from the letters of the Cocogoose font, you may use the clipping mask in creating such. Place the picture or texture you want to use underneath the font, select both elements, and go to clipping mask to complete the process.

For Photoshop:

  • You may add effects to the Cocogoose font. Whether it is to be sliced or with added glimmer, Photoshop will be your helpful design tool for this process.

Advertising collaterals. The Cocogoose font is a great typographical element to use for advertising collaterals, including small prints such as brochures, posters, and flyers as well as large outdoor advertising media like billboards, banners, signages and so on. You may also use the Cocogoose font for advertisements and audiovisual presentations for advertising purposes.

Titles. The Cocogoose font will be of great use for titles for videos. It can also be used as movie titles and typographical elements in the movie. You may also tweak it according to the specifications and art direction as well as your design preferences.

The Cocogoose font is not only great for video titles but it can be used for book titles and covers. Whether the theme is for a younger or older demographic, the softness of the edges as well as the modernity of the exterior makes a pleasing aesthetic for a cover book design. It is also a seamless typographical element for modern and vintage design styles.

Editorial. As seen previously, the Cocogoose font is seamless in fashion photography as well as in editorial. You can use the font as a typographical element to add pleasing aesthetics, pairing it well with practicality and readability. This would also go well for modern and vintage designs and themes.

Media vehicles such as print and digital media will benefit from using the Cocogoose font. For print, you can use these for advertisements in newspapers and typographic elements in posts. In addition, the digital medium would also benefit from the readability and bold qualities of the Cocogoose font. You can apply the latter to social media content, online posts, and online videos.

Labels. You can use the font for labels used for organizational purposes, transportation related labels, packaging, and so on.

Signage. You can make use of the bold and readable characteristics of the Cocogoose font in signages, be it for commercial stores, decorative landmarks or signages, events related purposes, among others.

Guerrilla advertising. You can use the Cocogoose font for a statement Guerrilla advertising. The font is seamless with the core of guerilla advertising: unconventional, memorable and unique messaging towards a specific target audience.

Let’s Call It a Day

Now, you’ve got one more beautiful font in stock for an extensive font selection. As mentioned above, the ways you can use the Cocogoose font is only limited by your heart’s content, but you may also use it for other purposes and design projects. Experiment as much and it is strongly encouraged to have fun while doing it.

If you are new to getting your hands in design, you can start with our color guide  to seamlessly apply the color theories onto your design projects. You can also use this color guide as your future reference.

If you are on a hunt for more fonts, this list of font sources would be of great help in your discovery to your font selection.

Note: The photographer of the pictures used are courtesy of Antoinette Frissell Bacon, or commonly known as Toni Frissell, an American photographer whose focus revolves around fashion photography and slice of life themes in photography, including World War II as well as portraits of children and women from all walks of life. To view Toni Frissell’s wide array of photographs, you can check out her works in the Toni Frissell Collection at Library of Congress.

Photo Source: Behance. net. 

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