A great design is not just about the content presented in it, but a lot of it depends on how the layout has been set, and how the content is presented. And many times, it is about the kind of font which has been used. Many designers have started using Novelty Fonts and casual fonts for the text in their designs because they truly show the theme and the idea of the design.

In earlier posts, there are a lot about the various fonts which can be useful to you as a designer, ranging from happy fonts to Sea Fonts to unique fonts. Here you will find the different typefaces available on various websites which fall under the category of “Inspiring”. These fonts have been chosen from thousands of fonts to make it easier for you to choose from in case you are already tired of the daunting task of picking the suitable font for your design.

Exclusive Inspiring Font

This handwritten font includes 390 glyphs, and is available in two weights, bold and regular. This font is currently available exclusively on Graphicriver, and also includes a bunch of Latin characters and will be really useful in various design projects.

Awesome Bouncy Inspiration Font

If you are looking for a font that will fit most of your casual invitation and announcement projects, then check out playful and charming bouncy font. And if you are hoping to save some money on an everyday font, then check out the link below for a discount offer on this typeface.

Staying Inspired Typography Font


One time inspiration is not enough. It is important to stay inspired. With such a name for this typeface, the look of it quite suits the name. The fancy font designed Jetpacks and Rollerskates will reignite your love for squiggly lines and drop shadows.

Hand Drawn Decorative Inspired Font

The Zenfyrkalt font by EvasUniqueFonts is an amazing masterpiece. The hand drawn characters of this typeface are all in upper caps and each of them are engraved in amazing doodles and artwork. The beauty of it is truly inspiring for any designer.

Farsi Inspired Alphabetical Font

Available on dafont, this typeface is based on the Persian (Farsi) fonts. Each of the characters looks amazingly beautiful and thus can be used in a project which suits best to the theme of the design idea. You can download the TTF file from the below mentioned link.

Absolutely Beautiful Inspired Font

Use of pointed brush to create the glyphs with long and arching verticals is an amazing looking novelty font. And as you can see in the link below, this font can be very well used for labels on wine bottles and wedding invitations for a professional and flawless design.

Retro Inspired Headline Font

Any headline font needs to have a certain features. It has to be bold and solid for making the impact that a headline is expected to make. And this font on Graphicriver is all about the impact and solidness.

Elegant Easycore Inspired Font

Easycore font has been designed by The Branded Quotes and finds its inspiration in the punk and rock music along with world of skateboarding. Available for twelve dollars, this casual font will look really well for designs inspired from the hardcore music world.

Fabulous Railway Inspired Font

The Railway Inspired Font by Joel Felix is a well crafted font. The glyphs use drop shadows to add to the charm of it. And when used in conjunction with various color overlays as shown in the link below, you too can create inspiring designs using this typeface.

Amazing Inspired Bold Font

If you are looking for something completely different, then this last font in the list is what you should be looking at. Minimal use of the ibayo font will work best for your designs, as too much of it can probably ruin it.

Rough Script Calligraphic Font

Soft Rounded Hand Lettered Font

These inspiring fonts can be useful in whatever project you might be currently working on. Be it a logo design, or a flyer for a travel company, or a poster for the upcoming event, one of these fonts can totally do the trick for you. There are a lot of inspiring fonts which cover various themes. And here too you can see various fonts which are inspired from vintage collection, and some others which are clean, modern and simple. Though many of them are available for personal and non commercial purposes, make sure you don’t overlook the licensing section or agreement before you put any of these inspiring fonts for commercial use.

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