The serif fonts are worth discussing, given their features and demand. Specifically, these modern serif fonts play a vital role in the mobile apps. They have a neat finish and a modern look, which adds credits to the app. Moreover, a lot of free fonts in the same style, which is serif, are available online for efficient use. They also have a little decorative shade despite being one of the oldest typefaces in the market.

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Open San Serif Font

Open san serif fonts are a refined version of serif fonts. If the resolution is quite low, these open san serif fonts are usually chosen over the general serif fonts. These are one of the best free fancy fonts.

Slab Serif Font

Slab serif fonts, being one of the popular serif fonts, save the text from looking blurry on any given website. Lack of strokes at the end cannot be found with slab serif fonts, provided the quality of the fonts.

Bold Serif Font

These bold serif fonts are specifically appreciated for its feature to embody simplicity and highlight the text for a proper stretch. With these typefaces, the text looks clean and bright.

Thin Serif Font

If you want your content to be portrayed in a direct, sharp and a precise manner, thin serif fonts will be a wise choice, irrespective of whether the letters are of uppercase or lowercase.

Serif Font For Free

Serif fonts for free that are available to download without a license is a boon that acts as a time-saver during your tight project deadlines. The only factor you will choose on is if you want it to be decorative or simple.

Indulta Serif Font

These indulta serif fonts can be used to convey a message in an informal manner. These fonts can be feminine sometimes and can provide a classic feel to your work.

Mix Narrow Serif Font

The mix narrow serif font shows its best when used with proper imagery or in connection with a novelty typeface. This maintains the flow of the content on a fine note.

Fancy Serif Font

If you want your informal or formal content to look stylish, then fancy serif fonts are the best choice you could choose. The uniqueness these fonts show is a big add-on to the content or design.

Thin Grotesk Serif Font

Thin Grotesk serif font is all about clarity in the content. With these fonts on the front end, the user will easily relate to the piece and is more likely to use your product, if it is one as in a book.

Round Slab Serif Font

The round slab serif font is more attention grabbing. Here the effects and space leave this as one of the best typefaces in the serif family, with no further arguments.

Urania Semi Serif Font

These urania semi-serif fonts makes your piece a clear and brighter one and all the user can see is how data-packed is your marketing material, making it visually clear.

Bullpen 3D Serif Font

These bullpen 3D serif fonts are used for publication materials, as a unique attraction of their covers and so on. Further, the style is appreciable and helps people recognize the content quickly.

Indulta Semi Serif Font

These Indulta semi-serif fonts, whenever they are used, display legibility and a conclusive look overall. The readability is high when compared to the other fonts of the serif family.

Magnificent Serif Font

Magnificent serif fonts are high in definition and all its individual letters are recognized in these. The optimum arrangement is definitely an add-on to the look of the whole piece.

How to use these “Serif Fonts”?

Common serif fonts are used in most of the websites and mobile apps and so on as it increases the readability factor of the text. With serif fonts, the text is much focused than the design. Regardless of the resolution, serif fonts highlight the text and hold the same quality and shade throughout. These are also one of the preferred choices in screen typography. To be more specific, these common serif fonts are used in most of the text-based user interfaces given the right space, typeface and the stroke that has variable width characters. In simple words, serif fonts mean more clarity. You may also see Cursive Fonts.

If you are planning on publishing your work to polished magazines or any simple billboard, serif fonts are the best to choose, given the features on glyphs, numerals, and other characters. This provides your work a professionally distinctive look. Any given work is portrayed with sharpness and the user will be able to relate to the work easily.

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