Each time a new project related to the web comes up, you need to make sure that you have got the relevant icons ready for the same. Be it a website or a mobile application, the user interface will need to include some icons that are going to replace the traditional text to make the user experience more meaningful. Icons are easy to design, but in case you want to save manual effort and the cost of production on it, you can always go through this list of free icons that are available for you to download and can be incorporated in your personal and commercial projects.

Free Flat Icon Set


Here is a set of flat icons that you can download in vector format. Since they are available as vector illustrations, you can easily scale them to different sizes without having to worry about losing the design quality.

Free Social Media Icons

Social media icons are used everywhere these days. You can simply download these icons and place them in your website or application, and then link them to social media accounts letting other people check out your profile.

Free Desktop Icons


In the link provided below, you can simply scroll through all the various icons there are on the given website related to the search query of the desktop. You can change the search keyword to find icons relating to your needs.

Free Heart Icons


Here is a huge collection of heart icons that you can download for free from the given link. These icons have a flat UI to them which is quite the trend these days amongst graphic designers.

Free Setting Icons


In case your application provides user accounts, then you will definitely have a setting section in it for users to customize their app settings. Here are multiple setting icons available to you in different file formats that will add charm to your design.

Free Calendar Icons Pack


Here is a free download for a flat calendar icon. The design is available to you in PSD file format and using photoshop you can easily customize the icon design to make it in alignment with the rest of the design.

Free Business Icons


Here is a collection of business icons that you can use not just in your web designs, but also in your corporate and business presentations. Download this collection from the below-mentioned link.

Free Food Icon Set


Here is another collection of flat icons with the theme of food. The link provided below contains a vast number of such icons that are all available to you for zero money.

Free Computer Icons


Business projects might require you to add icons like the ones presented here showcasing a computer. In case you are looking for something similar then do check out this collection of icons for the computer tag.

Free Home Icons


The link mentioned below contains all the icons that fall under the search tag of home icons. All these icons are available for free in different file formats. You can refine the search result according to your needs on the website.

Free Arrow Icons


Arrow icons are really useful as they can be used as clickable navigation icons from one collection to another, like in the case of portfolio items or an image gallery. Here is a free vector illustration of such icons where you can isolate and use each of the free arrow icons separately.

Free Icons for Android


Ever since android has come into the picture, there are many version of the android icons that are floating around. In this link, you will probably find all the various android icons there are for you to download for free.

Free Hotel Icons


Check out this cool collection of hotel icons that are available to you as a vector illustration set in black and white. There are also various other icons relating to hotel industry that you might find useful for your client’s project.

Free Folder Icons


Folder icons come in real handy whenever your project works in sync with the local file system. Or you can simply download one of these icons and change the folder icon of your computer, just for fun.

Free Weather Icons


Here is a collection of 4 different cloud icons that will give a different appeal to the viewer about different weather conditions. You can also find other related icon collection in the below provided link.

Free Fashion Icon Pack


Here are icons that your client from the fashion world is going to like for sure. The icons are available to you as an editable vector where each of the icons can be used separately for different projects.

Free Sun Icons Set


If you are looking for various icons that can be used for weather representation then here is a collection of icons that fall under the category of sun and provides you with a wide range of icon designs and styles.

Free Vector Icons


Here is a pack that is called universal icons and contains a whole bunch of icons that you can download for free as a vector illustration. Check out the link below to find out what these universal icons are.

Free Furniture Icons


Here is a collection of 3D furniture icons that you can download in illustrator or eps file format as editable vectors. You can also get hold of the PSD file format for the design from the link provided below.

Free Christmas Icons


Holiday season will set in just less than a couple of months. And it would make sense for you as a graphic designer to start working on them already. This Christmas icons pack will definitely make things easier for you.

There is no rocket science behind using these free icons. They will work just like any other icon you use in your design. Download them from the mentioned link for free and then upload them to the server if it is to be used for the website or a web application. Once you have done that, you can simply provide the upload link in the IMG tag of the HTML code to see the changes on the live website.

You can also use these icons as a design element for any other graphic design, like a poster or a billboard design. So now that you have such a wide range of icon options for different projects, you can probably create a resource pack for yourself where you save these useful icons. And each time there is a requirement for them, you can simply search for them in the local file system instead of the internet.

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