You never know what kind of design element or a resource you might require while working on a project. Or you might know what you will need, and it could be as varied from the other projects you have worked on. So it always makes sense to at least keep the useful elements that you will definitely need apart from random bits that you keep adding. Check out either Free Icons for varied themes, but in case you are reading this, then here is the collection of android icons that you were looking for.

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Android Music Icons

Here is a collection of icons for your android projects to use as a mockup for not just Music Icons as the subheading says. Click on the link below to download the attachment file for the icon design.

Android Lollipop Icons

Here is the entire collection of android lollipop icons that it comes with. You can use these icons that are set in a size of 512 x 512 pixels. The icons were developed for the new theme for CM12 and you can use it for reference purposes. You may also see Cartoon Icons.

3D Icons for Android

If you are looking for random icons with a 3D Icons appeal, then here is an icon pack that you can download for free from the below-mentioned link and use it for your projects.

Android Robot Icons

Check out this great collection of Round Flat Icons that has the shadows in place for an overall solid appeal. The icons are available as a high-quality stock vector illustration that you can download for free.

Android & iOS Icons

Here is a massive premium pack that contains a total of 300 icons that you can use for iOS and Android projects. These icons can be downloaded in multiple file formats from the given link.

Fully Customized Android Icons

Here is another android icons pack for an android lollipop. You can use them as a reference for your upcoming project or simply extract them from the main design to use them separately.

Android App Icons

Here is a free collection of a total of 56 different icons of your apps and web projects that you can download as a single high-quality stock vector illustration.

Android Phone Icons

In the link provided below, you will come across multiple icons. But the one in specific that has been listed here is the icon of the robot android that looks very similar to earlier versions of Robocop.

Android Web App Icons

Here are a whole bunch of icons that are listed in the given website url for the tag of android. You can use these for your upcoming web projects that require icons in black and white.

Black Shaded Android Icons

Here are icons again that are in black and white, but shaded, and not outlined like the previous pack. This too contains all the icons on the website for the tag of android apps.

Flat Design Android Icons

Here is a flat design that first came out with Microsoft phones. But now these icons have been adapted by various themes for even Android and you can use them for free for mobile and other contemporary devices.

Android Smart Phone Icons

Here is a premium pack that will provide you professional help with the flawless icon designs. You can download this completely layered design as a vector illustration in ai file format.

Android Weather Icons

If your requirement is of icons for weather related projects then do have a look at this free vector illustration that is available to you in multiple sizes where you will not have to worry about your design quality.

Elegant Minimalistic Android Icons

Well, if nothing has worked out so well for in this list, then probably this collection of minimal and elegant designs for icons is what you had been waiting for. Check out the link mentioned below.

Free Android Icon Set

The last one is again a free pack that is for those who are on the lookout for new and different designs every day. And if today is about android icons then why not just download this pack that will not cost you any money.

Android Social Media Vector Icons

Creative Android Icons for Desktop


Modern Android Icons Pack


Android App Button Icons

Using these android icons is the same for those who have worked with icons before. But this section is for those you are still getting hold of their design skills and are new to the world of icons and other design elements. You will need to download the file that contains your design. If it is a single vector file or such, you can easily isolate each of the icons from them and use them separately. For png, they will have transparent backgrounds anyway, so you won’t have to worry much about clipping. After downloading and isolating, you can place them in your design like any other picture you would place.

Make sure you are working with vectors if you are not certain about the final design size. And with multiple devices of multiple screen sizes, more and more designers are now moving towards svg files for their work. And this way you don’t lose the design quality when you stretch or shrink your design file. You may also see Long Shadow Icons.

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