People are no longer interested in a traditional marketing campaign in this digital era. Animated icons in advertising campaign help to pass on the message effectively. It also helps to give your imagination wings in terms of creativity. Below given samples combines quite intricately things from various aspects of life.

Photoshop Free Animated Icons
Photoshop Free Animated icons

This set of Photoshop free animated icons, encompasses a wide range of subjects covering every aspect of our life. The animations become visible on touching the buttons. All the icons are available in their original form in the PSD file.

Animated Icons For free

These animated icons for free are designed on a green background and each of the several icons have a hand symbol drawn over the main symbol. The hand symbol helps to lay greater emphasis on the subject matter.

Animated Icons For Free Photoshop
animated Icons For Free Photoshop

This set of animated icons utilizes the simple mouse over effect to create the right kind of effect. All the icons are customizable with four global color controls which them highly versatile and easy to use.

Free Animated Icons
Fre Animated Icons

This set of free animated icons consist mainly images of birds and animals.  All the icons have a distinct color code and inbuilt animation which makes them look very cute and appealing irrespective of where you place them. The total size of the file containing these icons is 445 MB.

Photorealistic Free Animated Icons
Photorealistic free Animated icons

This group of photorealistic free animated icons are created using Abode Aftereffects. They are available in .png file format and use CSS3 file format for the purpose of animation through spirit sheets.

Stunning Animated Icons for Free
Stunning animated icons for free

This group of stunning animated icons generally cater to the domain of software related signs and symbols. These icons can be used for both professional as well as non professional purposes. The total size of this file is 524 KB.


Amazing Free Animated Icons
Amazing free animated icons

This set of amazing free animated icons has a simple yet very interesting design. These icons can be used on logos, as social media pictures or simply as designs to be printed on T-shirts. All the icons in this section come in a PSD file.

High Quality Free Animated Icons
high quality fre anlimated icons

This set of high quality free animated icons is more of a set of emoji rather than icons. These animated emojis can be used for expressing various moods either on the virtual network or for printing purposes. The icons are available in .AEP and .GIF file format.

Download Free Animated Icons
download Fre Animated icons

This set of free animated icons comes in .GIF file format which means they can be used in a wide variety of websites without any problem. The icons are available in two different variations in the file. All the images are completely editable in a bitmap editor.

Quality Free Animated Icons
Quality Free Animated Icons

This set of quality free animated icons is very easy to use and use a well color control scheme. All these icons are compatible with CS5, CS5.5 and CS6. They can be used in any project without any added plug-in.

Animated icons have now become a standard part and parcel of any designing project. They help to add a certain amount of dramatization which attracts more customers than any normal icon does. Most of these icons are freely available on the net which makes it all the more easy to use.

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