We are all familiar with user icons from various sites and social media. Most sites have very basic icons, just to identify two different genders. However vector icons are different in the sense that they seek to perfectly convey the meaning with a graphical user interface. You can have perfect shades and styling and use them to form a unique thumbnail.

7 Free PSD User Icons Set


This is targeted at the white users, and has 4 women, and three men with different styling, depicting different type of personality and professional profile. The choice in this case is somewhat limited.

16 Free Flat Shadowed User & Group User Icons Set


These icons are flat shadowed icons. Also this set has group icons of different types to depict different groups of users like a family, group of peers etc. These icons come in bright shades.

4 Free PSD User Icon Vectors

psd user-icon

PSD icons are again in black and white, and they denote both single user and a group of users. However, this set only has 4 types of icons to choose from, and therefore you have limited options.

12 Free Vector User Icons Set


This set has 12 user icons from different age and professional range. However, the target audience of this set too is the white people, since it does not show any user icon of color. It uses different dresses and hairstyles to maintain the difference.

10 Free PSD User Icons Set


This set has 10 icons with some added features such as an icon with attached microphone and icons with blurb over the head signifying talking. Once again the users are all fair skinned.

16 Flat Long Shadow Square Styled Free Vector User Icons Pack


This set is somewhat different. One of the reasons for the difference is that it includes at least a few icons of color. Moreover, it uses flat long shadow effect in the icons. The client has more options to choose from in this case.

17 Free Downloadable User Icons Set

Here are 17 user icons of different types that users can download and use. This set also has group user icons apart from the single ones. There are outlined icons as well as white icons on grey base.

16 Free Vector Vintage User Icons Set


This user icon set is unique for various reasons. For one it uses retro look or the vintage style highlighted by the hair bands, style of dressing, spectacles etc. Moreover it also uses a variety of skin colors which makes the set racially heterogeneous.

9 Round Flat Free Vector User Icons


The background of these icons are round in shape and the users are depicted as having different types of style statements, such as a goatee, pierced ear, spiked hair, cat eyes spectacle frame etc. However, this icon set also has only the fair skinned users in mind.

9 Free Round Styled Designation User Icons


The most unique feature of this specific set is that each of the icons depicts one professional profile. The 9 icons therefore include designer, manager, support stuff, sales stuff and even the client.

200 Free Flat User Icons Vector Pack


This pack actually spoils the user for choice. There are as many as 200 free user icons to choose from. It shows single as well as group icons, in various patterns, but is black and white.

12 Cartoon Styled User Icons Free Vector Set


These icons use the cartoon version of the user. The user icons have different types of skin color, hair and beard styles, and dress designs. This pack is for the fun loving user.

9 Free Vector Set Of Modern User Icons


These icons depict the modern user, characterized by their unique style statements. The dress and the hairstyles of these user icons are quite interesting to look at, though the choice is a bit limited.

Thus, there are a lot of user icons that you can use for your purpose. These are mainly available in packs, and some of the sets are downloadable too. All you have to do is to take your favorite ones.

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