If you are a CD label designer or an artist looking forward to launching your next album, you must be looking out for innovative CD labels. The labeling of a CD is as important as the packaging of a product. People look at the visual elements on the cover of the CD before purchasing them. The variation of designs in CD’s is evident from the different genres of music that have made their way into the world of entertainment. Here are fifteen Free Label Designs of DC labels which can give you a better idea.

Music CD Label Graphic Design

In this label, the incorporation of various scenic elements makes it beautiful. The light background and geographic terrains are the key elements in this theme. You may also see Free Printable Labels.

Bob Marley CD Cover and Label

In this template, the image of the artist has been incorporated into the cover. The font is colorful and adds to the visual pleasure. The yellow and white background color looks sophisticated in the CD label. You may also see Vintage Labels.

Custom CD Labels

These are easily customizable labels and the color of the CD’s go well with the font color. The names of artists are written on the back cover and you can get them customized.

Creative CD Label Design

These CD labels are personalized for formal purposes. The name and designation of the person can be specified on this label. It has limited use of colors and the CD looks official and smart.

CD Label Template Designs

These CD labels are meant for kids. Albums dedicated to programs for children incorporate these design themes in the CDs. The light pink background color goes well with the images.

Downloadable CD Label Design

This CD label has a lot of graphic elements in it. This modern touch has a good visual appeal to the target audience. You can edit it as required and download the template.

Simple Chevron CD Label

This is a simple CD label with yellow or blue patterns on a white background. These are generic labels and can be used for different purposes.

Personalized Corporate CD Label

Corporate CD’s have a formal touch in them. Here, the intricate details are personalized and can be tailored to perfection. You can download the template for free.

Custom Frozen CD Label Design

In this design, the use of light blue and white background makes it looks beautiful. It resembles frozen ice and has the images of children on it.

Printable CD Label Design

These CD’s are customized for song albums. The visual elements like flowers and heart go well with the light colored background in the template.

Newborn CD Label

CD’s with programs for children may incorporate this design on their covers. The image presents a newborn child in a sleeping posture. The name of the artist is presented at the bottom of the image.

Elegant CD Label Advertising Design

This template has a black background color and the alphabets are vibrant with multiple colors. The font looks entertaining and this design is ideal for commercial programs.

Real Estate CD Label Design in PSD

This template is tailored for a demonstration of programs related to real estate. The CD label stickers present on the cover make it look pleasing and attractive.

Photographer CD Label Design

This CD label is customized for professional use by photographers. The cover has the image of a beautiful woman incorporated on it. The fonts at the bottom of the image can be edited.

Christmas CD Label Designs

CD’s that are tailored for Christmas purposes have a number of visual elements like Christmas tree, gift boxes, stars and so on. The bright CD color draws optimum attention from the target audience.

Sample CD Case & Label


Wedding CD Label Design


CD Artwork Booklet Label


Spooky Halloween CD Label


How to use these “CD Labels”?

The CD labels are easy to use. If you need a CD label, you need to choose the desired theme from the website. A number of themes are available on the website, and you can customize them as per your requirement. These can be used for entertainment purposes, songs for children, for professional use or corporate events. When you choose a particular theme, you can edit the text on it and write whatever you require. When you have the edited template, simply download it and get a print out of the same. You may also see Product Labels.

When you need a particular design for the CD labels, choose the related theme and edit the text as per your requirements. This will make the CD labels customized. Browse through the website for different themes and incorporate related images on the CD labels. Incorporate the right visual elements in the right place to yield the desired look for the CD.

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