Some people may have noticed this detail but haven’t paid attention to it. But without it, it makes one feel as if something’s missing. I am talking about labels. Today, we will be showcasing a list of beautiful round label designs. 

These files are available in PSD, Vector EPS and JPG format for easy saving, customizing and printing. So, don’t hesitate in downloading the label you like most, right this instant. Save it as soon as you’ve found the right one. You’ll be surprised with the effectiveness or compliments you’ll receive for sure. You can also check the free stuff in our Free Labels listing.

Round Address Label

Watercolor Round Label


Round Vintage Label

Round Birthday Label

Use it Right

  • Address Label

Are you looking for other ideas to promote your business while at the same time placing your location on display in a stylish way? Refer to and use our “Round Address Label”, you can have this in sticker form and place it on your store window, other places where people can easily see it (provided a large scale for readability) or stick it close to the opening of the paper bag used for the purchase.

  • From Me to You

The most common use for labels are on special occasions like the holidays. Be extra creative with your label and go with the “Round Printable Label” instead of the usual square one.

  • Mother’s Day Madness

The “Watercolor Round Label” is probably the most popular one to print or to be used for websites. The realistic watercolor finish makes for a perfect type of label to use for say, mother’s day.

  • Round the Corner

So you’re selling your products in an online shop where there’s sure traffic happening? How can you stand out from the rest? Choose our “Round Vintage Label” and attract more customers for that vintage and creative vibe. You can check ou Product Labels listing to see more product related labels.

3D Round Label


Round Decorative Label

Round Party Label


Label Matters

  • Decorative with a Purpose

Sending presents, greeting cards and invitation cards are one of the sweetest gestures one can do on special occasions. But, it just wouldn’t be complete or as appealing and purposeful without the supporting details. Sure, it’s fun and (seemingly) finished to looked at as you’re more focused towards the content, but if you’ll be sending that as a present make it’s special inside and out by placing a label. The label can act as a sticker seal to an envelope, label tag on a present (where you place the name of the recipient and sender) and can even include details of your website or business.

  • Art Project

If by chance you are an art instructor, and you happen to be thinking about what next project or lesson to teach to your students–consider these labels! You can download these to show as samples for your students and encourage them to make their own creative version. Make them remember this detail for the rest of their crafty life.


Have you chosen the appropriate design suitable for your ideal use? Is it for personal or commercial use? Whichever it is, we hope we got all that covered with this list. Download your pick while you’re at it and have fun using these. If you happen to have a cosmetic’s line, do check our Cosmetic Labels listing, for more appropriate label suitable solely for that.

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