Address labels are the perfect tools to use to polish accurate information for either mailing, identification or advertising purpose. This is one way of avoiding errors or misinformation. So, if these things happen to be one of the things you’re concerned about, then we can certainly address that with our list of customizable and printable address label designs.

These files are available in JPG format that’s pretty much compatible with all editing platforms. You can even check for more printable labels in our Free Printable Label listing. So, don’t exit the page without downloading the design you want and enjoy using it to your advantage.

Free Return Address Label

Free Return Address Stamp Label


Free Personalized Address Label

Personalized Address Label Free


Free Space Race Address Label

Free Space Race Address Label


Keeping It Accurate

  • Return to Sender

If you are an online shopping vendor, returned items can be anticipated to occur. To make things easier for your customers to ship back the item, you can attach your products with a return address label, which is presented creatively in the “Free Return Address Label”.

  • Appropriate for the Special Season

If you want an address label that is appropriate for the holidays, you can customize your address label to fit the occasion or you can just opt for the “Free Holiday Address Label Design”.

  • Identification label

An address label would work appropriately as an attachment to your portable properties such as aa laptop and other gadgets. Get creative with it by using the “Free Printable Address Label Design”.

  • Stamp Madness

If you happen to be fond of stamps, you can revive its charming element with the “Free Personalized Address Label”. It is simple and it sort of reminds you of the good ol’ days.

  • Space

Another artistic approach of an address label is best illustrated with the “Free Space Race Address Label”.

If you want to see more label designs, you can see more of that with our Free Label listing. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Free Couple Address Label

Free Couple Address Label


Simple Return Address Label Free

Simple Address Label Free


Check the Label

  • Personalization

Address labels can play an important role in personalizing your properties. You can have these labels as stickers or tags to stick on to your gadgets as well as miscellaneous other items, like your luggage for when you travel or even just your notebooks so no one else mistakes it as their own. This way you’ll be able to identify which is yours in cases where you have items that look similar with those of other people. These labels will also be of great use if you’ve accidentally misplaced your item. Having an address label or tag will allow the person to return them.

  • Clear and Accurate

Avoid using that almost unreadable chicken-scratch handwriting on the back of any envelope you send and just stick an address label sticker instead. This way you’ll avoid misinformation. It is also much more presentable and professional looking than just a mere handwriting.

  • Presentable

You can customize you own Address Label design to separate from the rest. This is one way of giving your clients a good impression of you and your business. Details no matter how big or small matters, because it only goes to show how much you care about your business.

By now, you must have chosen a design you personally like for personal or commercial use. So there’s no reason to hold yourself back from downloading that item. Download it now and set yourself apart from the usual.

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