Labelling of products is important for marketing and branding purpose. The attire that you provide to your products has a decisive hand in selling them. Thus, you need innovative designs for your product labels in order to ensure that they can be sold off easily. Customers also seek a lot of information about the product from the label. Hence, it is crucial that you incorporate the right design for the product label. Here are some free label designs and you can download them in case you require the same.

Discount Product Labels

Discount Product Label

Whenever you offer a discount, you need to be loud and bold about the offer. Use a dark background color, preferably red, so that the offer is visible to the customers. You may also see Food Label Designs.

Energy Drink Label Designs

Energy Drink Label Design

For energy drinks, the color of the drink should be compatible with the background color of the label. Use a different color to print the texts on the label. You may also see Wine Label Designs.

Label Design for Liqueur

Label Design for Liqueur

This product free label designs template do not have many color variations. They are written in plain text. You can download the documents from the website as per your requirements.

Personalized Handmade Product Labels

Personalized Hand Made Product Label

It is easy to craft these labels. You can use these as tags along with clothes and accessories. The choice of colors is an important factor for these labels.

Vintage Product Label

Vintage Product Label

These product labels are used for drinks and alcoholic products. They have a dark and elegant background. The name and logo of the brand are presented here, along with other details.

Wine Packaging Label Design

Wine Packaging Label Design

These package labels are sleek in nature. They do not have much of a caricature. A white background color is used on the label, and black print is used for the fonts.

Organic Food Product Labels

Organic Food Product Label

Leaves are common elements in templates for organic food. In these templates for organic food labels, the name, and logo of the brand are incorporated along with the leaves in the product package.

Honey Product Label Design

Honey Product Label Design

Honey is generally packed in jars and cans, so use a label that looks attractive in terms of color contrast with the golden honey color. White is a good option in this case.

Dairy Product Labels

Dairy Products Label

For dairy products, you can use the label containing the image of a cow grazing in a field. The colors are to be chosen keeping the font color under consideration.

Bakery Product Labels

Bakery Product Label

The red or brown colors are generally used in labeling bakery products. The name of the brand and the product are also written on the label in white.

Juice Product Labels

Juice Product Label

Juices are commonly packaged in bottles. Use a circular label for these products. The name, logo and other texts are incorporated in the label. It is centrally placed on the body of the bottle.

Packaging Label Designs

Packaging Label Design

The designs of packaging labels can be quite innovative. Use the right color variations, fonts and images of the original product on the label. These documents can be downloaded if required.

Organic Product Label

Organic Product Labels

These labels look like logos. Since the product is organic, the green color is used for the purpose. The text written on the label conveys the message that the product is completely organic.

Product Cookies Label Designs

Product Cookies Label Design

If you are dealing with cookies, you can use the image of the edible on the label. This has to be inserted over a bright background color and different colors are used for the labeling process.

Printable Modern Product Labels

Printable Modern Product Label

These are simple product label design ideas, and you can use them for making your products more palatable. You can use different colors on the labels, along with a matching text.

Product Quality Label Set

Product Quality Label Set

Free Product Label Designs

Free Product Label Design


Coffee Product Labels

Coffee Product Labels


How to use these “Product Labels”?

These product labels are easily downloadable in the available format. You can edit them according to your needs. The texts can be altered as per the specifications of your company. Then, you need to use these for the labeling of your products. The imprint of the downloaded page has to be used for creating the original label for your brand. You can browse through the website for similar templates and download the ones that are required for your brand. Different templates are available for the respective product categories and you can download any of these and edit them. Get these templates tailored for your brand.

Labelling of the product is important as they help to sell the products. You also need to include the essential information about the ingredients of the product in these templates. Browse through the website for different labels for specific products and get them customized according to your needs. All these are available free of cost. You may also see Soap Label Designs.

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