Labor day is considered as a weekend long celebratory event. As much as there will be all sorts of parties organized, promotions and advertising are pulsing at this very event. Mostly, the collaterals seen on physical or social media during this event are Labor Day banners and poster & flyers. How about squeezing in a couple of label day labels as a part of your brand or utilize for personalization projects.

In our list down below, let us take you to a collection of labor day labels that will be of great use for advertising and promotion. To see more designs, you may go through our heap of Labor Day stickers that you may incorporate for any design projects at hand.

A Collection of Labor Day Labels

Vintage Labor Day Labels

A great combination of bold sans serif font, light narrow secondary type and curvy scripts. This might be a stretch from the usual labor day designs which incorporates the triad of American colors but it still does a great job in terms of typographic elements.

Happy Labor Day Badges & Labels

The use of delicate scripts with mixes of classic and modern types adds a progressive note and contrasts such formality of the fine typography and classic serif font. If you are going for a refined appearance for your design, this specific flyer does the job for the aforementioned creative direction.

20 Labor Day Labels

For a simple all-American label design, then look no further for the 20 Labor Day Labels offers just that design preference. It uses bold borders filled with the recognizable labor day design elements. As well as regular weighted fonts which allows viewers to identify the label immediately towards the celebratory event.

The set of 20 Labor Day labels offer variations of designs for an extensive selection. Also, these labels are set on a PNG file format for a fast application.

Vintage and Classic Labor Day labels

Nothing beats a classic design; it also transcends statements and trends. If you are going for high-quality and elegance, the Vintage and Classic Labor Day labels is something to consider in utilizing. With nine options to select from, the set offers a variety of composition from wide to narrow layout of the design elements without leaving the all important labor day elements.

Simple & Classic Labels for Labor Day

Minimal and sturdy. The latter best represents the character that the celebratory event is dedicated to. Which is why this simple and classic labels are given justice.

Labor Day Labels & Badges Set

The set of labels & badges comes along with six variations incorporating the designs with different shapes and elements. The designs are of fine width size mixed with bold graphic elements; which creates a good contrast.

Attach a label to something.

These labels do justice with their designs and for their application. To help you get by, here are some of the ways you may use these labels to any design projects you may have at hand.

Tags. In our heap of labor day labels, we included label designs that will be perfect to utilize as tags. The Hand drawn Labor Day Stickers and Round Labor Day Labels Pack already includes the necessary passages designated for tags.

The labels demonstrates two different design styles; hand drawn and a playful side of graphic design. You may freely use these labels for gift labels if you wish.

Stickers. Badges and labels could be great to utilize as stickers. Adjust the designs and add in shapes for the final product. For example, the Labor Day National Set of Badges has an modern and light illustrative take on its design perfect for personalization and showcasing the all-American pride.

Design elements on promotions. As mentioned above, products or events can lean on pulsing. The latter is one of the examples of media scheduling. Pulsing is a combination of both flighting and continuous scheduling, which involves advertising all year but spiking during a peak once necessary and important for the product, service and in this case, events.

To tell you more about pulsing, for example, beer sells highly during October which is a designated beer month. But, beer is still advertised all year. Our point is you may use these labels to utilize on any advertising and promotion collaterals however it is necessary.

Reference on Typography. These labels incorporates a great set of type and fonts. Whether they be thin or thick weighted, delicate scripts or san serif fonts.

If you are to choose from the heap of labor day labels, the Vintage Labor Day Labels and Happy Labor Day Badges & Labels both represents the previously mentioned design characteristics.

Reference for Design. The list of labels do demonstrate a great sense of design styles that you may incorporate for your design projects be it iconography, graphic design, composition and so on.

Labor Day National Holiday Set of Badges

Hand drawn Labor Day Stickers

Round Labor Day Labels Pack

Labor Day Mechanical Labels

Set of Six Flat Labor Day Labels

Labor Day Sale Labels

Happy Labor Day Emblem Design Style


Collection of Labor Day Icons

Set of Labor Day Badge & Labels

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