The labeling of a product is an indispensable part of the marketing strategy of a company. Different product categories crave for a specific type of treatment when it comes to packaging. Thus a blank label has to be tailored to perfection as per the requirement of the company. These blank labels are devoid of any graphics or visual elements. They need to be incorporated in these labels as per the requirements. Here are twenty Free Label Designs with black presentations, and you can download them for free.

Free Blank Vintage Labels

These labels are refined with the touch of antiquity. There are ten labels in this set and these can be used for various products. You can also use them on online platforms and blogs. You may also see Wine Labels.

Blank Label Designs

These labels have a vintage touch and come across various geometric shapes. These outlines are thick and bold, which adds to the weight of the labels. Various curves and patterns are evident in these labels. You may also see Water Bottle Labels.

Set of Blank Labels

These labels have a light background. The labels are broad and the margins are colored in blue, orange or other light colors. These are available in the downloadable format.

Blank Clothing Label

This is a broad and rectangular clothing label and can be used with various textiles. It has a reddish-brown background color. You can incorporate any graphic or visual image on this template.

Golden Blank Label

This vector illustration can be used for labeling of food containers and other products. The bright and enriched background color is attractive. The design along the edges make it even more elegant.

Colorful Blank Labels

These labels are small and rectangular in look. The solid color in the interior areas looks pleasing. The gray margins are thin and create a good color combination.

Blank Labels Set

This set of blank labels has a solid black color. They are opaque and come in different shapes. You can download the template and use the labels for personalized purposes.

Vector Blank Labels

These blank labels have an orange background so that any dark color can be used as the font. The thin gray borders deliver a classy look to the labels and various shapes of these labels are available.

White Blank Label

The white background of the labels looks sophisticated and there are various Christmas elements in it. These include balls, stars, balloons and other decors. These are generally used with Christmas gifts and related accessories.

Wine Bottles With Blank Labels

These labels are customized for wine bottles. The white labels can be customized as per the requirements and the required texts and graphic elements can be presented in the labels.

Set of Vintage Blank Labels

These are vintage blank labels with dark borders. The background color in these labels is white, which adds to the age of the labels. Different shapes of these labels are available in the set.

Blank Wine Label

This label is completely white and is tailored to match the shape of a wine bottle. The required graphics and texts are to be fused together to make this label ready for use.

Blank Sticker Labels

These sticker labels are generally used with stationary accessories. They have a light background color and have irregular edges with various patterns and shapes.

Blank CD Labels

These labels are for CDs. They are circular, in lines with the shape of the disks and come across various colors. You can download the labels and edit them with the required texts.

Blank Food Labels

Blank Grunge Labels


PSD Blank Labels

Blank Address Label


How to use these “Blank Labels”?

The labels can be used for a number of purposes. These include personalized academic purposes, as in the case of stickers and labels that are tailored to be used in stationeries, commercial uses like labeling of music albums and CDs and for the packaging of various goods and products. You can download the labels for free from the website, customizing them for your purpose. These are available in various sizes and colors and you can use them as stickers. These are printable on almost all solid surfaces. You may also see Printable Labels.

The labels are of various categories, and you need to get them customized when you need one. You can edit and download them for free from the website. You may also require mailing labels designs, and you will find on the website. Browse through the pages and get the labels that suit your requirements.

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