Whenever we go to food joints, we get attracted with the many labels stuck across food items. These labels are so attractive that we look at them twice. Sometimes we look for pertinent details about the packed food item through the labels. Free Label Designs are available for people to use for purposes them deem fit. Custom food labels help people to plug in their requirements quickly. Food label template can be used in Restaurants and Food Courts.

Free Retro Food Label Designs

Retro Food Label Design

Retro Food Label Design is food label designs that are round in shape. They display images of food items like coffee, cappuccino, cups and saucer among the many other things.

Vintage Food Label Designs

Vintage Food Labels

Vintage Food Labels are vector files designed in different shapes. They can be used to display name of the food items and brands in a bright manner. These labels can be downloaded for free You may also see Product Labels.

Simple Food Label

Simple Food Label Design

Simple Food Label Design is a complete food label that displays the name of the products, the brand releasing the product, its ingredients and manufacturing information along with expiry details.

Colorful Mexican Food Label Design

Mexican Food Label

Mexican Food Label is a colorful label that displays the words Mexican Food Hot and Spicy in stylish fonts. The colorful festoons on the top and the bottom adds value to the label

Printable Food Label Design

Printable Food Label

Printable Food Label is a design that has words printed on it in a colorful manner. It reflects the words ‘Organic food’ in beautiful fonts. This Food Label can be printed by users

Sample Food Label Designs

Sample Food Label Design

Sample Food Label Design is a simple label design that displays food items like Corn, Walnut, Coffee and Grapes among the many others. The label designs can be used to stick on the items packs

Vegetarian Food Label Designs

Vegetarian Food Label

Vegetarian Food Label is a beautifully designed label that displays the images of vegetarian food items like corn, cabbage and much more. These labels can be downloaded freely by the users.

Free Organic Food Label Designs

Organic Food Label

Organic Food Label is elegantly designed mild labels that can be used by restaurant and food courts to be stuck on food packets. They carry words like natural food, fresh food etc.

Colorful Food Label Design

Colorful Food Label Set

Colorful Food Label Set is a stunningly colorful set of labels that display the words ‘Healthy food tastes better’ in a bright manner. This food label set can be used by restaurants and food joints

Different Food Label Designs

Food Label Template

Food Label Template is a set of food labels that display the name of food types based on regions they are from. These assorted labels can be downloaded for free by users

Free Food Label Designs

Free Food Label Design

Free Food Label Design is a free vector image that is hand-drawn. They display the names of food items like Burger, Chicken, Tasty Steak and Ketchup among the other food items.

Collection of Free Food Label Designs

Free Food Label

Free Food Label is a vector file that displays images of many food items both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. These can be downloaded for free of cost by the users to utilize or their own purposes.

Free Food Label Designs

Collection of Food Labels

Collection of Food Labels is mildly designed beautiful labels that display the name and image of food items in a picturesque manner. These labels are designed exclusively for premium users.

Blank Food Label Designs

Blank Food Label

Blank Food Label is a label type which displays nautical symbols in a tent style. These nautical labels are blank helping the users to download and plug in their requirement

EcoGreen Food Label Designs

Eco Green Food Labels


Elephant Food Label Designs

Elephant Food Label

How to use these “Food Label Designs”?

Food Labels come in different designs and shapes. These food labels carry the names and images of food items, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Food labels can be used by restaurants and food courts on the packets and containers that contain the specific food item. These labels are designed in an exclusive manner to display the names of the items with clarity. The colorful manner in which these labels have been designed makes them eligible to be used in large-sized restaurants. These labels can be downloaded by the users without any hassles and used for the purposes they deem fit. You may also see Printable Label Designs.

Food Labels are cute things that help food courts and restaurants handle things in an organized manner. These labels act as identification of the food items by displaying both the names and image of the food item. Food labels are available for free downloading at all point of time.

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