So for your art direction class, you were told to create a logo design inspired from those back in the eighties and way before then. You have free artistic reign: you can interpret the assignment any way you want to, and the kind of company or brand is up to you. But you just don’t know exactly where or how to start.

Well, perhaps with this amazing collection of 9+ vintage logo designs, you can be inspired, save up on time (and sanity), and finish that assignment no worries! These Free Logo Designs are a varied selection of editable vectors available for download in AI Illustrator, EPS, PSD, etc. formats. Go ahead and check them out!

Vintage Coffee Logo

Vintage Baseball Logo


Vintage Mountain Logo

Vintage Food Logo

The Deal with Vintage Logos

All logos in general have an integral part in marketing a brand: they give it an identity, one that potential customers and clients will associate the said brand with in the long run. While, yes, the products and services you deliver and their quality have to be prioritized, they won’t be given any attention without proper marketing—if your market doesn’t know you.

But given the variety of designs available in our collection of Vintage Logo Designs , you have a lot to work with. Aside from these vintage logos giving us all a trip down to simpler times, there is a quaintness that everyone can appreciate. And you can customize and resize them just the way you want without worrying about damaging the image quality!

  • Modern spin

With its delicate font and simple graphics, “Vintage Coffee Logo” looks like an updated version of café logos from back in the day.

  • Clever mashup

Perhaps meant to be a logo for a shipping company, “Vintage Business Logo” puts a witty spin, illustrating the subject as a hybrid of a lighthouse or watch tower and a necktie.

  • Reminiscent of

I don’t know about you, but for some reason, “Vintage Mountain Logo” is giving me Summit Natural Drinking Water and Faber-Castell vibes (the latter because of the font).

Vintage Business Logo


Vintage Clothing Logo


Vintage Flower Logo

Vintage Logo Designs for All

As you can tell, this collection of vintage logo designs offers a wide variety of designs (which is perfect for you as you are in need of some inspiration for your work). Also, you were probably already able to tell exactly who can find uses for these vintage Logo Designs.

  • Coffee shop

If you’re one for a good old cup of joe with perfectly roasted (read not burnt) beans and without the sugary trimmings masking it, then “Vintage Coffee Logo” will be more than a good fit.

  • Organic food store

Everybody loves good, fresh produce. Slap the “Vintage Food Logo” on your straight-from-the-farm goods, and you’re gonna have future regulars flocking.

  • Airline

Take your passengers to greater heights with stellar service, excellent pilot and cabin crew, state-of-the-art aircraft, and “Vintage Airline Logo.” You simply have to replace the name accordingly (and maybe make some color adjustments if you’re not so partial to brown).

  • Cosmetics brand

What girl wouldn’t love to be the prettiest flower in the garden? Use “Vintage Flower Logo” to label your quality makeup, affordable or high-end, and you’ll see your brand competing against the top dogs pretty soon.


There you have it. So quit dallying and get to downloading!

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