Are you brainstorming for ideas on what to incorporate into your next project? Are you thinking of plaids or have considered this classic design pattern? Have you scoured the internet and ended up disappointed because of the poor resolution of their patterns? Then look no further, you can now relax for you have reached the perfect source for that special need. Prepare yourself as we unfold our amazing list of plaid pattern designs.

These files are available in PSD, Vector EPS and PNG format for convenient saving and editing. Waste no more time and scroll through this collection and don’t forget to download your selected file before leaving the page. If you want to give it a try first, you can do so as well with our Free Patterns listing.

Seamless Plaid Pattern Design

Seamless Plaid pattern Design Download

Plaid Vector Pattern

Plaid Vector Pattern Download

Plaid Photoshop Pattern

Plaid Photoshop Pattern Download

Hand Painted Plaid Pattern

Hand Painted Plaid Pattern Download

Faded Plaid Pattern Design

Faded Plaid Pattern Design Download

Play with Plaids

  • Plaid and Simple

Plaid Patterns are one search away in the internet, and you’d probably find a lot of results, but how often can you find a good resolution copy? You can kiss that worry goodbye because our “Seamless Plaid Pattern Design” will deliver the best quality image you need for that project.

  • Swatch It

One other way of using patterns, like the “Plaid Vector Pattern”, is for design proposals or presentations. Designers will benefit the most with these, for they can use this quality resolution for their digital swatches.

  • Greenery

Green is definitely cool to look at, which makes the “Plaid Photoshop Pattern” the perfect pattern if that happens to be one of the requirements for your project.

  • Modern Approach

The “Hand Painted Plaid Pattern” is an artistic form of plaid. This graphic design having the illusion of hand painting is the perfect option to choose for web designing or textile pattern.

  • Washed

Do you want a different approach to the plaid design? Then opt for the “Faded Plaid Pattern Design” the washed-out look will bring out the design laid on top of it.

Plaid Clothing Pattern Design

Plaid Clothing Pattern Design Download

Plaid Fabric Pattern Design

Plaid Fabric Pattern Design Download

High Quality Plaid Patterns

High Quality Plaid Pattern Download

Free Plaid Pattern Design

Free Plaid Pattern Design Download

Plaid Pattern Design Set

Plaid Pattern Design Set Download

Check List

  • Regular Users

It doesn’t matter if you’re well-versed in editing software, such as Photoshop or CorelDraw, because the items on our list can be used for basic purposes like screen background, image sample, background layout for slide presentations or as a gift wrapper. 

  • Advanced Users

Every graphic or web designer knows how important keeping a curated list of textures and patterns are, as these will serve as preparation for projects that may come at you out of the blue or for on-the-spot proposals. It pays to always be ready each time to avoid delay or lack of resources. 

  •  Art Enthusiast

If you happen to love arts and crafts you can add this design pattern to your thumbnail collection for easy access whenever you would need it. You can print it and incorporate it in your physical design. 


Did you find our list helpful in any way? We encourage you to get creative with these. Take advantage of these cool offers and you’ll never have to run out of art ideas ever. All you need to do is hit that download button and save these items in your thumbnail. Another interesting design pattern is the houndstooth, which you’ll find out more in our Houndstooth Patterns listing.

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