Do you find vintage charming? (I know I do!) Are you looking for a pattern that’s specifically vintage and seamless? Then, let’s take our fondness for it to the next level, shall we? We are giving you a scoop-full of seamless vintage pattern designs which you can choose from. How cool is that?!

These design files are available in PSD, Vector EPS, and PNG formats made easy and convenient for your editing and printing needs. And that’s not all! If you want more, you can check what we have in our box collection of Free Patterns listing. So make sure you take the time to see that list as well.

Ice Cream Vintage Pattern


Black & White Vintage Pattern

Vintage Floral Pattern

Vintage Fabric Pattern


Vintage Chevron Pattern


The Golden Days

Every designer would know the importance of keeping a wide assortment of patterns and textures in their design kits. It pays to always be prepared for whatever project that may come at hand.  One pattern that will not disappoint is the Vintage Patterns. Use it on projects you think it will suit well on.

  • Ice Cream, You Scream! – The “Ice Cream Vintage Pattern” is the perfect illustration for a vintage theme. You will see all the wide assortments of the icy treat in different servings–in double scoops or soft-served, and can I just mention the cute little phrase that speaks of how ice cream gives life to dull moments?
  • Black and White – The “Black & White Vintage Pattern” is both artsy and classy. Choose this pattern to go with your desired theme.
  • A Bouquet of Flowers – The “Vintage Floral Pattern” is such a lovely pattern that you can use for different purposes, e.g. as a screen display, web page background, campaign backdrop, greeting card, and the list goes on. Just be creative with it and it shouldn’t be a disappointment.
  • Fabric Type – The fabric feel is something that we can relate to for the qualities that ignite our senses. If that’s what you have in mind, then second-guess no more and download the “Vintage Fabric Pattern”.

Valentine Vintage Pattern


Seamless Vintage Pattern

Christmas Vintage Pattern


Vector Vintage Pattern

Vintage Swirl Pattern


What to Do with These Seamless Vintage Pattern Designs

  • Designers – It is essential for every designer to have a gallery of patterns and textures in their design toolbox. You’ll never know what project you might be assigned for. The advantage of downloading and keeping these useful applications while you have the time is that you get to avoid time pressure. Gather a couple of these Vintage Floral Patterns and you can thank us later for a job well done.
  • Common Users – Don’t worry if you are not in any way familiar with operating a digital design software. If the purpose you have in mind for these patterns is for regular use, such as screen display or presentation slides, then these patterns can easily be applied! The awesome thing is that it is made in high resolution so you’re sure about the quality.
  • Arts and Crafts – Are you fond of origami or scrapbooking? If so, then these patterns will serve you well! You can have these printed on a paper and use a textile paper for your origami, or why not make a bookmark out of it. Unleash your artistic spirit and have fun with it.

If you have chosen a pattern you like from this list, feel free to download them right now.

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