Ever just look at mandala designs from some random book or off a web page as you were browsing the Internet one day and get drawn into the intricate patterns and warm swirls of color? Ever just have the thought, Hey, this could look great as my cover photo . . . and on my blog even, cross your mind? Well, thanks to our collection of beautiful mandala pattern designs, you have ones to download and use however you want!

These Free Patterns come in different designs and sizes and in PSD, Vector EPS, PNG formatsperfect for your downloading, customizing, and resizing needs!

Seamless Mandala Pattern

Vintage Mandala Pattern Design

Mandala Ornament Pattern


Black and White Mandala Pattern


Mandala Vector Pattern Designs

The Deal with Mandala

Like several Vintage Patterns that have been popular at some point in the past (e.g., argyle and houndstooth), the mandala has remained through time, having become increasingly popular in the past couple years. It was originally used in Hindu culture as a spiritual tool and by Buddhists for meditation—to become one with the environment and the universe—and healing purposes. Now anyone can make their own as a symbol of their life’s journey or their past or as a reflection of their current path.

As for you, you can start by looking at all the different designs we have.

  • Standard

Note the delicate though precise circles and lines and dots in “Seamless Mandala Pattern.” The colors applied here are also more or less similar, albeit with an incorporation of pastels, to the original color palette of the usual mandala.

  • Black and white

Black and white has yet again proven to be versatile as something that typically uses color (the mandala) still manages to look beautiful, as in the case of “Black and White Mandala Pattern.” In “Mandala Lace Pattern Design,” we see a different yet still quaint take.

  • Special

As seen in “Mandala Vector Pattern Designs,” “Tribal Mandala Pattern Design,” and “Colorful Mandala Pattern,” you don’t really have to go for the standard to pull off something equally breathtaking.

Round Lace Mandala Patterns

Hand-Drawn Mandala Pattern


Mandala Lace Pattern Design


Tribal Mandala Pattern Design


Colorful Mandala Pattern

Holistic Is the Mandala

As you guessed from the previous section, there’s a lot more to the humble mandala. Like so many things in this world, there is not just a single purpose for this. A few of them may be:

  • Meditation

As said before, mandalas have been used for meditation purposes. You can choose any one of our black and white or “blank” ones in our collection and reflect on your life and your current state. Then you continue on as you make every single color choice.

  • Cool adornments

Decorate your blog page with any of these beautiful mandala patterns. You can also use them as your replacement cover photo or display pic in any social media account you have. This way, you can send positive vibes to viewers as they look at the wonderful blend of colors.

  • DIY Coloring page

It’s no secret that adult coloring pages include mandala patterns (some even produce a whole coloring book with the mandala theme). Just pick one of the “blank” ones here, download, print, and you’re good to go!


Now that you have your options and have read through our suggestions, you can go ahead and download and do with them as you please!

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