Vector icons have found their way into a possible industry. These icons carry essential symbols that indicate different services of a company. The vector icons are used in business, social media platforms, and online portals. The vector icons are featured by polygonal designs where the lines intersect at nodes. These can be used as solid color icons, black and white icons or just the outlines of different signs. Here are twenty-one  Free Vector Icons templates for you to download.

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Vector Line Icons

This template has a mixed collection of icons, including phones, airplanes, and hangars. The thin lines in black color make the icons look sleek, clear and easily readable. These can be used as stickers on different objects. You may also see Education Icons.

Social Media Vector Icons

These icons are meant to be used on social media sites. These icons can be downloaded for free from the website and you can use the print-outs for personalized purposes. You may also see Doodle Icons.

Free Vector Icons

These icons are small in size and look chic. The gray icons can be incorporated in the online as well as offline platforms. You can download the template for free from the website. You may also see Anchor Icons.

Web Vector Icons

In this template, the icons are large and conspicuous. They are colored in blue, gray and other light shades. They look prominent and can be used for formal purposes.

Vector Flat Icons

Flat icons are often used by corporate companies. These are available in different colors. The themes of these icons vary a lot, including cloud computing, education, and electronics.

Business Icons Vector

These icons can be used as stickers in service-oriented businesses. These icons are colored in black, white and gray. Download the icons and use them as signs.

Collection of Vector Icons

In this mixed collection of vector icons, the white and gray color combination makes them look elegant. These are small in size and the ones in white solid colors have a sophisticated look.

Education Vector Icons

Laboratories and research centers require specialized vector icons that include symbols of different equipment, computers, and mathematical symbols. The color contrasts in the icons are elegant and you can personalize them for your requirements.

Round Vector Icons

Boats, ships, islands, towers and other marine symbols are incorporated in this template. These icons can be used as stickers for indication of these objects. These icons are round in shape and have solid color backgrounds.

Shopping Vector Icons

These vector icons can be used for marketing and commercial purposes. The images are based on shopping themes and the use of vibrant colors make them attractive.

Flat Icons Vector

These icons are suitable for communication and web accessories. These look sophisticated with light colored backgrounds like gray and blue. They are bright and conspicuous.

Vector Sports Icons

You can download these sports-oriented icons for different business and commercial uses. The white background with solid blue figures looks elegant. The ends of the images are tapered.

School Vector Icons

If you own an educational institution or related to academic, you may need school vector icons. You can download this template for the purpose. These symbols look sleek and smart.

Clock Icons Vector

These are colorful vector icons based on clocks. The edges have various designs and the interior areas of these icons are white. You can download the icons if they suit your purpose.

Vector Icons For Free

Colorful Vector Icons

Set of Vector Icons

Vector Food Icons

Fast Food Vector Icons

Best Vector Icons

How to use these “Vector Icons”?

These icons are easy to incorporate into the online and offline platforms. If you want free icons for commercial use, you can come to the website and avail the ones that are suitable for you. These icons are available across different categories and background themes.

When you choose a particular icon, you can download it for free from the website. These are available in downloadable formats and you can get them printed on any solid surface. Choose the required vector icons and download them from the website. You may also see House Icons.

When you look out for the most popular icons vectors, you can go through the different pages in the website and customize your needs. Choose the right icon for the right theme, as the background colors, the thickness of the outer lines and size of the icons need to be customized. You can download the icons for free from the website.

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