Textures have been lauded as one of the pillars of design. Rightly so, because the presence of textures and patterns is what makes a design more interesting. Textures give a substantial character to a design, and that’s an important function. Given that designers’ fascination for textures is so big and unending, it makes sense for them to be in the loop about which textures are popular in the market. Many a times, they resort to developing Aged Paper Textures applying their own creative spin to them. In today’s article, we have pinned our focus of burnt paper textures. Take a good look!

RPG Old And Burnt Paper Texture

RPG Old And Burnt Paper Textures

The great thing about burnt paper is that you cannot be sure of the outcome as there is always an element of surprise as to how things are going to ‘burn’ out. Here’s a package of 34 different burnt paper textures for use in your works!

Burnt Scruffy Paper Texture


Burnt scruffy Paper Texture

With this burnt scruffy paper texture, you can create innovative backgrounds for your projects – be it a poster or a PowerPoint slide. The burnt effect is very subtle yet effectively visible. You could easily overlay text and produce artwork of your choosing.

Retro Old Burnt Paper Texture

old Burnt paper Texture

This type of paper texture has been around for the longest time. The best part is that it keeps getting better and it is different all the time. Use this burnt paper textures in your works. The size of the image is high-resolution.

Download Burnt Old Paper Texture

burnt old paper texture

Here’s a rather innovative burnt paper texture. The overall look is very vintage and grungy. Interesting patterns have formed as the result of the paper burn. There are more than just few things which you can use this texture for.

Innovative Burnt Paper Texture

Burnt Paper Texture for personal use

Here’s one more rather woody looking burnt paper texture. The burn has caused tiny and small fire holes to appear in places on the paper. There is a hint of purple bruises on the paper.

Paper Burnt Cool Texture

Paper Burnt Cool Textures

This is a bunch of 4 high-resolution burnt paper texture images. The edges are lightly burnt, however, the paper looks to be smeared by marks, and looks like a beaten object. The images are available in 5 sizes.

Burnt & Weathered Grunge Texture

Burnt and weathered grunge texture

Here’s a very cool burnt paper texture which has a weathered and grungy look working for it. It’s an ideal texture for blogs and websites. You can customize it in Photoshop with text and other elements of your choice.

Grunge Old Paper Burnt Texture

grunge Old Paper Burnt Texture

In first glance, this texture looks a very close twin of toasted bread. In reality, this is a texture developed on handmade paper. You want to showcase something ancient and historic in your projects, well, this texture is more than apt as background.  

Burned Birch Bark Paper Texture

burned birch bark Paper Texture

Isolated against a white backdrop you can pick this amazing burned birch bark to be background for any artworks or designs. It’s quite a versatile texture, and in first fleeting glance it looks like an ancient map.

Fire Holes In White Paper

Fire holes in white paper

This vector contains 4 different textures developed using fire holes on a paper. The vector image in high resolution and you can easily resize it to suit your project’s needs and specifications.

Wrinkled Burnt Paper Texture

Wrinkled Burnt Paper Texture


Burnt Paper Texture Background

Burnt paper texture.BAckground

High Resolution Burned Paper Texture

High Resolution Burned Paper Texture

Crumpled Burned Paper Texture

Crumpled Burned Paper Texture

Burnt Paper Fire Ash Texture

Burnt Paper Fire Ash Texture

Trust textures to lift a design like nothing else can. The use of textures in design varies due to a person’s creative sensibilities. With paper textures especially, there’s so much abundance, that there’s never going to be a dearth of options. So long as you know how to work with textures and incorporate them in yur works, you’re good.  

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