Paper is one of the most versatile materials there is. Designers whilst creating textures enjoy the scope paper gives. There’s a whole increasing range of different types of paper textures available there. Today, we will be talking about Parchment paper textures.

Light Colored Parchment Paper Texture

Light Colored Parchment Paper TextureDownload

Gray Parchment Paper Texture

Gray Parchment Paper TextureDownload

Pink Parchment Paper Texture

Pink Parchment Paper TextureDownload

Parchment paper textures are created with the help of some special effects, skill and creativity. The fact they turn out to be awesome background designs makes them very popular with designers – both pro and rookie.

Green Parchment Paper Texture

Green Parchment Paper TextureDownload


Yellow Parchment Paper Texture

Yellow Parchment Paper TextureDownload

Olive Green Parchment Paper Texture

Olive Green Parchment Paper TextureDownload

One of the classics in the category is the design of a paper that has been ripped and is torn on the edges. It can serve as a very good background. Obviously you can revise the colors depending on your preference. To enhance the effect of this design type we’d suggest you try some floral work on it.

Turquoise Parchment Paper Texture

Turquoise Parchment Paper TextureDownload

White Parchment Paper Texture

White Parchment Paper Texture.jpgDownload

Parchment paper is essentially paper which old and outdated. Using your skills in Photoshop you lighten the color a few notches to up its effect as a parched paper texture.  Furthermore it lends a hint of vintage to the design.

Black Parchment Paper Texture

Black Parchment Paper TextureDownload

Golden Parchment Paper Texture

Golden Parchment Paper TextureDownload

If you’re a fan of grunge, then parchment paper textures can carry that particular special effect very well too. Taking a grunge paper and ripping and tearing its edges, you can invent a texture which is all yours!

Purple Parchment Paper Texture

Purple Parchment Paper TextureDownload

Blue Parchment Paper Texture

Blue Parchment Paper Texture.jpg.jpgDownload

Go on add touches of yellow, grey and grunge dirt and some water marks and you have yet another avatar of parched paper texture.

Charcoal Gray Parchment Paper Texture

Charcoal Gray Parchment Paper TextureDownload

Red Parchment Paper Texture

Red Parchment Paper TextureDownload

Take a look at the comprehensive collection of high-res, high quality, free, downloadable textures and become inspired!

Parchment Paper Texture

Parchment Paper TextureDownload


Parchment Paper Texture

Parchment paper TextureDownload

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