Ever noticed how a simple image suddenly looks good and attractive when it looks like a painting? Watercolor paper texture is used mainly to make digitized paintings. If you want to transform an image and make it look like a painting, this texture will do the job. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that brighter images are better suited for this transformation. Even though the watercolor white paper textures for free can be used with darker images, it won’t be as effective.

Download 8 Watercolor Newspaper Textures Available in High Quality

Watercolor Newspaper Textures with High Quality


Download High Res White Watercolor Paper Texture for Web Designing

Download High Res White Watercolor Paper Texture


12 Free Photoshop Watercolor Stained paper Texture

Watercolor Stained paper Texture


Which texture to choose?

One of the main factors which enhance the quality of the transformation is the resolution of the texture being used. Always use high resolution images. You have come to the right place. Here you can download different types of high res watercolor grunge paper textures for free.  Feel free to choose the best one suited for your image. Give an artistic touch to that wonderful project of yours by using these textures.

Vintage Watercolor Paper Texture to Create Web Designs

Vintage Watercolor Paper Texture


High Res 25 Unique Watercolor Paper Textures for Website Backgrounds

High Res Watercolor Paper Textures


Free Wall Paper Watercolor Texture

Wall Paper Watercolor Texture


How to find out the right texture

It is always best to try different textures out before zeroing on a particular one. While choosing a high quality texture from this collection, have your image in mind and try to imagine how a particular texture would transform the image at hand. There is no better way to find the perfect texture. With practice and as you gain experience, this sort of decision making becomes second nature. Photoshop backgrounds are collected by professionals for later use. Feel free to search our database and download material which will be of great use for your future projects.

Free Watercolor Paper Texture

Free Watercolor Paper Texture


Free Photoshop Watercolor Paper Texture

Free Photoshop Watercolor Paper Texture


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