Oak wood textures provide grainy wooden effects to backgrounds. They have a certain unique appeal when applied to different digital designs. Our collection comprises of all the variants of oak wood textures with grainy effect. Download all these available hi res textures for free from our website. Design enthusiasts will definitely find it engaging visiting the site that displays widest collection of high quality and very unique oak wood textures. Use them to make your artwork look more appealing.

Smooth Oak Wood Texture

Smooth oak Wood TextureDownload

Smooth Oak Wood Plank Wall Texture

Smooth Oak Wood Plank Wall TextureDownload

Brown Oak Wood Texture Background

Brown Oak Wood Texture BackgroundDownload



Dark Oak Wood Plank Texture

Dark Oak Wood Plank TextureDownload



Enhancing the design with wooden grainy effect

Photoshop lovers can find these vintage wood textures quite effective for design and artwork. These textures not only bring that uncanny look to designs but also help in creating model portfolios with granular wooden background effects.  These textures are perfectly patterned with richness in the colour-contrasting part that promises authenticity. Pick from our widest range of collection mat finish oak wood grainy textures with crisp detailing.

Download Free Oak Wood Texture

Download Free Oak Wood TextureDownload



High Res Seamless Oak Wood Texture Background

High Res Seamless Oak Wood Texture BackgroundDownload

High Quality Smooth Oak Wood Texture

High Quality Smooth Oak Wood TextureDownload

Widest collection of oak wood textures

There are amazing effects that can be created using different types of oak wood textures. Be it the dark wooden format, painted wooden textures, rustic wood, or even the polished versions, different styles are available as per taste. Any designing style, be it 3D or 2D, these wooden textures definitely bring an altogether different feel to a design. Some of the popular texture designs available with us include light wooden texture, grainy texture, large wood close-up texture, burned wood texture, dark wood texture, and many more.

Free Oak Wood Texture

Free Oak Wood TextureDownload



Liberty Oak Wood Planks Texture

Liberty Oak Wood Planks TextureDownload



Oak Wood Flooring Texture

Oak Wood Flooring TextureDownload



Oak Wood Grain Texture

Oak Wood Grain TextureDownload

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