After compiling lists of floral patterns, geometrical patterns, metallic textures and other such natural elements, it would make sense to add the wooden class to it as well. So now it is a chance to find your favorite Free Textures to work with. In this list, you will find some of the most amazing and useful high-quality wood textures compiled for designers who can value it and also find it useful in their upcoming and future designs.

Wood Floor Texture

We will start the list with the simple and plain texture of wooden planks placed together to form a horizontal surface for a wooden floor. The texture is available with a resolution of 4000 x 3200 pixels.You may also see Grungy Wood Textures.

Wood Grain Texture

Here is a close up image of a wooden plank that shows the inner linings and graininess of the tree it was a part of once. You can use it for free as long as you share your work with the original person who shared this texture.You may also see Seamless Wood Textures.

Rustic Wood Texture

This texture is quite similar to the one you saw as the first list item of textures. But the choice of wood and the color of it are different, making it another entity in this list of wooden textures. You may also see White Wood Textures.

Seamless Wood Texture

Here is your chance to get hold of a close up seamless wood texture that is perfect for planks, boards, and visions of other wooden surfaces. You can download this premium wood texture from the given link.

Collection Of Wood Grain Textures

Check out this great collection of premium textures. This pack contains a total of 10 different wood grain textures that you can use for your personal and commercial projects. Download the editable eps file from here.

Vintage Wood Texture

If you are looking for a rustic and old wooden texture with a bit of miss then here is a free stock photo of such a wood texture. You can download it for free from the given link and also customize to your liking.

Dark Wood Texture

Here is another premium design texture for you that comprises of a realistic dark wood plank placed together to form the surface. Check out the link below to download a copy of this design.

Wood Texture Backgrounds

If you don’t mind spending a little money on your design, then here is a great professional collection of 150 different high-resolution files comprising of ten unique wood textures along with other additions.

Glossy Wood Textures

After the rustic wood feels, usually the carpenter polishes the surface to give it the shine and glossy appeal. And in case you are looking for that in your design then go ahead and download this premium pack.

White Wood Textures

Here is another premium pack of wood textures. But since they are set in shades of white and gray, they will make a great background for any design you can think of. And no points for guessing, it will look amazingly elegant as well.

High-Resolution Wood Textures

Download this high-resolution wood texture PSD files that comprise of multiple textures and all of it can be yours for free. This pack is for those who are tight on budget and still want a professional look.

3D Wood Texture

Here is a simple wood texture that is added to the list just for those who might actually find this useful. Otherwise, use this for wallpaper or a really light background for your dinner party invitation.

Distressed Wood Texture

Here is a texture that comprises of green wooden plank along with little patches of blots of brown. And you know that this is a great background for your picture designs and photo frames.

Free Vector Wood Texture

Here is a highly detailed hand vector pattern of a wood texture. This has been digitally illustrated and you can tell that from the looks of it. Download it for free to use in personal and commercial projects.

Painted Wood Texture

Click on the link provided below to come across this great collection of painted wood textures that you can use for designs as varied as your creative mind takes you. They are available in two different shades of tonality.

Grunge Wood Texture


Black Wood Texture

Rough Wood Texture


Wood Board Texture


Wood Plank Texture


Teak Wood Textures


PSD Wood Texture


How to use these “Wood Textures”?

To use these textures, first, you have to download them into your computer. And once done, you can use them in an editing tool to start working on your design. Design items that will come out of the top of your head where you can use these wood textures would be the background for your designs like business cards, flyers, posters, invitations, greeting cards and banners.

And these are just the basic stationary designs. You can even create wallpaper and frames using these wood textures. Just make sure to credit the original designers for wherever you use it for commercial projects.

These list items comprise of wood texture vectors, wood texture available in HD. The choice is all yours with which one you want to go forward with and what you want to use it for. Once downloaded, you can definitely reproduce the same texture for multiple design projects without having to worry about the proprietary issue, as long as you have read the license agreement.

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