Glass is a commonly used material as it is used in buildings, divisions, transparent view of a certain frame and it has found its ways to textures. Textures are interesting to use for design projects. It adds a sensation that is to be perceived by our sense of touch. It could display a smooth, clear and opaque effect and appearance to whichever this material is used.

To get you started, scroll down below to gain insight on how you can apply glass textures effectively and on our list of twelve high-quality glasses texture that you can use for design projects and references. You may also view our list of stained glass textures.

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Download Glass Texture for free


Glass Bubbles Seamless Texture


Download Stained Glass Texture


10 Wet Glass Texture

Window Glass Vector Texture

The Beauty of Glass Textures

In this instance, glass textures do give an elevated perceived notion of what a medium or material is to be grasped by the audience. It makes a design project look more heightened and with added personality, character and movement.

Where can one use these glass textures anyway?

Glass textures are commonly used in designs projects and as references to concepts beyond design. How about we draw a distinction with how to use them in different mediums.

  • Graphic design. This involves various techniques and methods to create your concept. One part of that is the photo manipulation. This is a method wherein you transform images be it adding colors to a vintage photograph, doing a mixed media theme even leveling up an image by adding effects and in this case, textures.
  • 3D rendering. These might be applicable for architecture, interior, and design related projects. Whichever your design preference or the given creative brief is, glass textures can still be utilized to either create a background sensation or to challenge the glass material.
  • Desktop backgrounds. With the available high-resolution and file size, the glass textures are to be displayed with sharp and increased clarity to possess a high-quality background. The glass material isn’t much of a statement which is perfect to use as desktop backgrounds. Since it adds a neutral state to a broadly shared personal computer or laptop.

You may also use these broken glass textures for the three different mediums as mentioned above.

Glossy Glass Texture Photoshop

Glass Hive Texture


4 Broken Glass Texture

Lamp Window Glass Texture


Transparent Window Glass Texture


Abstract Hd Glass Texture

High Resolution  Glass Texture


Kinds of Glass Textures

For a softly glowing glass texture, the Lamp Window Glass Texture is available for you to use. It is set in a delicate yet natural type of material that is giving off that soft back lit background. It incorporates different shades of Amber that is comforting and vivid.

If you are looking for gradience and transparency in glass and use of colors, the Abstract Hd Glass Texture is a great pick. It may have a harsh transition in its colors but the texture and how the light hits the glass adds depth to the different colors and creates this roughly evident pointillism.

The Glass Hive Texture is geometric in its shapes and adds lines and points or holes inside these free shaped geometric formation. It gives off a rough texture and strong lines, creating this tangle.

If you are looking for a glass textures with a spectrum of blue shades, the 10 Wet Glass Texture isn’t a gloomy choice. It is available in 10 different shades of blue and rain droplets as well as it is in 3000×2000 file size.

For a nearly rough textured glass, the Download Stained Glass Texture is available on our list. It is monochromatic in its use of color and can be used to add a grunge or nearly watercolor effect.

If you are looking for textures with a different perspective, the 3D Textures is up for grabs.

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