A number of geometric arrangements of dots (or similar units) have been given special names in mathematics, art and symbolism. Impressively, it can create a different touch to one’s work no matter what it is. Of course, with the choice of perfect colors and arrangements, a great output is being achieved. Polka dots and circles work well in Polka Dot Patterns. This simple shape marvellously gives us awesome results.

Colorful Dot Pattern Background

High quality, colorful dot pattern backgrounds with 10 color variations. It can be used in your design projects or as wallpaper on your devices. The resolution is 3840×2880 72 DPI RGB. Download includes 10 high quality JPG files.

Dotted Striped Seamless Patterns

This is a collection of delicate seamless monochrome patterns. Dotted & Striped texture are available, quite similar to paper textures. You can use these seamless patterns for scrapbooking, wedding, invitations, cards, photo albums, banners, business cards, posters and for your other design and ideas!

Seamless Polka Dot Pattern

This is a seamless polka dot background in vibrant colors. You can use it in almost any project of yours to add a zing and flavour to it!

Digital Watercolor Dots Pattern


Don’t you agree that watercolor paint is one of the greatest things to work with on many crafting projects? Not only do the bright colors come out nicely, it’s also a lot of fun to do! And now you can go and create even prettier things using these sheets; use them for (digital) scrapbook projects, as backgrounds for your blog or website, card making, invitations, or anything else. Just be creative & have fun!

Art Painted Dotties Pattern


This is a very artistic image of painted dots. The handmade pattern of such colourful dots and designs gives a very classic feel. The colors on white background are very beautiful to look at.

Pretty Cool Dot Pattern

This is a set of many images depicting dots and design backgrounds.

Pattern With Colorful Dots

It is a pattern with colourful dots and design ideas that can be used for various purposes such as wallpapers, background for your project, to put images on top of it, to add text on it, to print on flexes and board and banners, to make t shirt designs, or any other project work or art work.

Amazing Golden Dot Pattern

Illustration set of abstract golden dot circle on white background seamless pattern. It is very simple in design, yet elegant and pretty creative!

Multicolor Flower Dot Pattern

Here are more Flower Dot patterns, this time in multicolor designs. These flower dot patterns can provide backgrounds and settings for such things as invitations, greeting cards, scrapbook entries–anywhere you want to add a bright, fresh touch. The patterns have transparent backgrounds, to make it easier to customize them to your needs. Hope you find them useful!

Circular Dot Pattern For You

This is a circular dot pattern that is very creative! So use It in your design today!

Horizontal Wavy Dots Pattern

Dot Spiral Wallpaper Pattern

Dark Pop Dots Pattern Set

Abstract Dotted Seamless Pattern

6 Retro Colored Polka Dot Pattern

Dot Patterns In Space

Editable Vintage Dots Pattern


Fabulous Brown Dot Pattern

Flower Polka Dots Pattern Pop

Scattered Multicolored Dots Pattern

Yellow Dot Pattern Vector

For sure, you have chosen the pattern that you could use for your designs. Polka dots and circles are indeed simple beauties that can be an added feature to any kind of work. We hope that you found this useful. Look forward for more pattern freebies in the future!

These can also be included in your regular project work, printed or linked to your articles. You can also explore the internet for more resources on the same and give a deeper and better graphic and animated description to your project.

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