There are abundant motion texture designs and inspirations that you may download to add to your design concepts. The fluidic and dynamic textures can be imbricated with other logos, and symbols or just text to make the final design stand out. These can also be downloaded for smartphones or PC wallpapers, but even there it would look quite impressive. Here are a few motion blur textures that you can use:

10 Colorful Motion Textures

10 Colorful Motoin Textures

The elegant and eloquent designs can be quite meaningful for your website background, and they can also be used as PC background, Mac wallpaper. The colours are blended and the combination works well if you can edit it with your designs in Photoshop. You can find a lot of motion textures which can be used for application designing, software designing, website designing and many other designs for print and media.

Colorful Motion Texture For Free

Colorful Motion Texture For free

The light streaks can be used in designs that would go thematically with neon or tungsten lights. It would be suitable for subway stations or train stations. Also, the vertical design can be downloaded for your smartphone and is mobile-friendly.

Elegant Colorful Motion Texture

Elegant Colorful Motion Texture

This kind of minimalistic design idea with slight motion blur would gel well with some old-school text from the 70s. It could be used for some amazing retro ideas, with colored geometric lines & concentric circles. It would work for someone having a website that sells vintage items or a music app which plays old classics from the 60s-70s era.

 Amazing Colorful Motion Texture

Amazing Colorful Motion Texture

The predominantly green motion blur design will work emphatically on a travel website or blog. The green and the motion blur subtly gives the hint of independence and adventure. It would also be a good background layer for some indie music label or a country album.

21 High Resolution Colorful Motion Textures

High Resolution Colorful Moton Textures

These gorgeous and vivacious textures would work brilliantly with some new concepts and ideas. You can download and edit this texture in Photoshop and add some innovative font or text with some logo. For a website home page or welcome text background, it is quite scintillating. You can also download this on your smartphone or tab and use it as a screen saver or background wallpaper.

77 Colorful Motion Textures Pack

77 Colorful Motion Textures Pack

These textures come in Jpeg format, and the resolution is 1680 x 1050 pixels which are good enough for wide screen TV or screens. It is a quintessential design or background wallpaper for big screens. It could be used as a transition image between two or more images or videos which are played live.

Abstract Colorful Motion Texture

Abstract Colorful Motion Texture

These stream like designs and textures can be good for fresh fashion designers who have an apparel that needs some promotion. You can blend this colorful and vibrant texture with some similar abstract and dynamic text or designs.

20+ Colorful Band Motion Texture

20+ Colorful band Motion Texture

These multi-colored band textures are quite a trend, and can be used to create a thematic album or design. It could be harmonized with multiple layers of designs, and even that would look effervescent on screen or print.

Simple Colorful  Motion Texture

Simple Colorful Motion Texture

The designs are all high-res images, ready to be downloaded. You can also try making some of your personal designs by imbibing these design ideas. It would work well in smartphone wallpapers, website designs and much more.

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