Are you working on a project that has something to do with romance or sweetness? Is a heart shape one of the objects you have in mind? If so, then you’re in for a treat because, today, we are going to lay out a list of 106 cool heart vectors that you can save, edit and even print! We even have a Free Vectors listing which you can check out and maybe practice with as well.

These heart full treats are available in EPS, PNG, JPG, and SVG format compatible with any editing software for scaling and customizing. So, hop in and enjoy the ride! Don’t hop out without downloading you personal choices.

Hearts Vector Patterns

Hearts Vector Pattern

Hearts & Arrow Vectors

Hearts & Arrows Vector

Hand-Drawn Heart Vectors

Hand Drawn Heart Vector

Colorful Heart Vectors

Colorful Hearts Vector


Red Heart Vector

red heart vector


Pink Valentine’s Heart Vector

Pink Valentine Heart. Vector


Take all the time you need to sift through all these cool heart vectors!

  • Watermark

Are you looking for an appealing heart themed background you can use for your website, blog page or art project? Then select the “Hearts Vector Patterns”. The heart patterns are made subtle with its watermarked look.

  • Chalk Board

Do you find chalkboard art charming? Do you see your plate or project containing it? Then, decorate your heart away with these “Hearts & Arrow Vectors”.

  • Handmade

Hand-drawn imagery is fairly a lovely approach for its human element, if you want your viewers to connect with you design more then, your needs will be best served with “Hand-Drawn Heart Vectors”.

  • Colorful Sprinkles

Make any surface turn into a creative mess with the “Colorful Heart Vectors”. These great little pieces will add a sprinkle of warmth and fun to your project.

  • Perfect Shape

If you are looking for the perfect heart shape to use for a greeting card you’re working on for your significant other, then here’s one you can say Yes to–the “Red Heart Vector”.

If these ain’t enough for you, you can check out for more with our Free Vector Art listing. You’ll have a blast with it for sure!

Heart Shape Vectors

Heart Shape Vector


Typography Vector Heart

Typography Vector Heart

Heart Background Vector

Heart background vector


Keeping Things Heart-istic

Check out all the nifty things you can do with all these hearts.

Art Projects

In connection with art projects, educators still put emphasis on handmade artwork to promote creative development for the kids. If you’re an art teacher, you can use these images by printing and then cutting the shapes to decorate on the surface of, let’s say, a greeting card, scrap book, and just about anything that these creative imagery can be useful for.

Graphic Spread

If you happen to have a blog or a website and you want to be extra creative with it, you may use these digital images and add them to bthe mix. You can also use icons, in addition, to customize your menu or other functions that you serve in your web page.

Commercial Use

These digital images can be used for purposes like invitation cards, greeting cards or as decorative objects for the appropriate occasion. It will not only make your work or production efficient, but it will also allow you to produce quality work that’s’ worth the attention or money paid for by your client.

We hope you enjoyed this list of heart vectors and learned a thing or two of its potential uses. Hurry and save the items you like and shoot your way to your creative concept. You might also want to check our Free Vector Graphics listing, which you’ll equally enjoy for sure.

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