Holiday.What comes to mind when you hear the word holiday? For some people, it could mean a badly needed vacation, preferably in Bora Bora, working on a tan (hello, Sun Clip Art).For most others, it could mean the annual traditions, geeky dancing to “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree,” days of mind-numbing replays of previous chart toppers, boatloads of reheated leftovers, a slew of “New year, new me” or “Page 1 of 365” posts, and all that jazz.Well, whatever the case may be, there’s no doubt that these free-to-download holiday clip arts will give you those holiday feels.

Happy Holidays Clip Art


Holiday Party Clip Art


Holiday Borders Clip Art


That Sentimental Feeling

While you may be viewing this at some odd, in-between day of the year, we know that just reading the word holiday and seeing these pictures will give you those fuzzy feelings indicative of a nostalgia trip. So yeah, there’s definitely something for you in these free downloadable holiday clip arts.

  • Bold or fineWhether or not you opt for bold lines, bold colors, and bold letters in any of these images, you’ll surely be fine with their quality. Just look at “Winter Holiday Clip Art”! If that doesn’t make you “jingle bell rock,” then check the others out.
  • Colorful or notSome of you may go for the vibrancy offered in the “Happy Holidays Clip Art” and other Cartoon Cliparts while others may go for the understated awesomeness in the “Happy Holidays Black and White Clip Art.”
  • Busy or simpleAll the different elements-the different colors, the cool font, the stars, the multi-colored Christmas lights-combined in the “Free Holiday Clip Art” may be something you’d like. Or perhaps the minimalist “Holiday Borders Clip Art” is more your speed (pro tip: this clip art will work well as DIY stationery!).

Vintage Holiday Clip Art


Free Holiday Clip Art


Holiday Food Clip Art


Holiday Beach Clip Art


Making Holidays Holy Days

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day…

Whatever day of the year that is that means a holiday to you.

Take that day for yourself, spend it wisely, and make it holy, however you may interpret that word.

It could mean a time for you to take a breather, realign certain aspects of your life, and perhaps even restart your spiritual life after a prolonged dry spell. It could mean spending time with family—perhaps even getting reacquainted with cousins and aunts whom you may have not seen in more than five years. It could mean being with that special person, getting to know each other again, falling in love all over again (cue Heart Clip Art).

May these free downloadable holiday clip arts, the “Holiday Beach Clip Art” especially, be your reminder that holidays are special. That’s a no-brainer, yes; but as dull as every day has gotten, as watered-down and mediocre even official holidays have become, we have forgotten.

We ought to take a thing or two from these clip arts, guys. For now, all that there is to do is to choose one and download, and the rest is up to our imaginations.

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