So you’re turning in an artsy-fartsy school project; but things are looking a little drab and, dare I say, boring. You find yourself staring at the too-bare, too-white one-inch edges; and you practically see that A+ slipping farther and farther into the void. (That little narrative may have been a bit on the dramatic side, but you got to picture it and how scary it is.)

Well, no need to go curling up in the corner just yet! With our collection of elegant border clip arts, you can fix things up easy peasy. These Free Clip Art Borders come in a variety of designs and are available for download in JPG, GIF, etc. formats. Go see for yourself!

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Flower Border Clip Art


Fall Border Clip Art


Christmas Border Clip Art


Heart Border Clip Art


Animal Border Clip Art


Decorative Borders in Several Ways

You may be thinking how on earth this non-issue can be blown up into something worth stressing over, how the decorations can actually put a dent on your grade. Well, true, the content matters more. However, you need to know that your teachers, as detached and reserved as they may seem, pay attention to the little things. So you may want to take a closer look into these elegant border clip arts as well.

  • Seasonal

Obviously, you have a number of designs here for a number of seasons. For the holidays, you may opt for either “Holiday Border Clip Art” or “Christmas Border Clip Art.” For the fall season as a whole, you have a little number in “Fall Border Clip Art.” And of course, for Valentine’s Day, you get the “Heart Border Clip Art,” which you can definitely amp up with these Flower Clip Arts (because more is more).

  • Ornate black and white

If your tastes are a little more on the subdued side, you can opt for either “Decorative Border Clip Art” or “Fancy Border Clip Art.”

  • Not defined by lines

Unlike those similar to the “Animal Border Clip Art,” which have clear and defined borders, there is the “Birthday Border Clip Art” and the “Balloon Border Clip Art.” These two take on a more free form.

Balloon Border Clip Art


Floral Border Clip Art


Leaf Border Clip Art


Border Clip Arts for Crafts

At this point, if the great quality and the amazing designs haven’t won you over yet, perhaps this will: you can actually use these border clip arts in a number of different ways! Below is a list of suggestions for these Free Clipart Images.

  • DIY stationery set

You’ve probably seen how the colors in various stationery sets out there have faded into super light pastels and then eventually into nothing. If you have something like the “Floral Border Clip Art,” with its vibrant colors, you just might not have to worry about that issue again.

  • Scrapbook leaves

Eighty-six the white sheets or those “aged and yellowed” pieces of paper, and go for something like the “Fall Border Clip Art” instead! This way, the edges don’t get bulky from all the decorations you normally plop onto them because you don’t really need them anymore.

  • Funky frames

This practically doesn’t need any explanation. Just grab, say, “Flower Border Clip Art,” cut out the center, and paste onto the back the picture of . . . whoever or whatever, really.


Now that you know (and see) your options and have a handful of suggestions, we leave you to check out the links and download in peace.

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